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Remember, Solar Panels can scale up

Many consumers call me and say, I need a 6kW (kilowatt) system to eliminate my entire electric bill but can’t afford the high upfront investment to acquire a 6kW solar panel system today. Most shoppers are frustrated of the high upfront investment. Is this customer out of options? There is a common misconception that consumers have to buy up all their solar capacity up front. Many consumers don’t realize that they can buy a 1kW of solar panels at a time until they reach their goal of eliminating their bill. If you oversize the inverter when you first purchase the system, then you can keep adding panels to the inverter without maxing it out. For example, lets say you need a 6kW system, but can only afford a 1kw system today. Well you can start your system by buying 1kW worth of solar panels and a 6000watt inverter. The oversized inverter in this case will allow for 5 more kW of solar panel expansion in the near future. By starting small and working your way up to your end goals is a realistic way to slowly becoming energy independent. Everytime you put up a 1kW of solar panels you will be reducing your need for the grid and eventually over the years you will have reached your energy goals by reducing and producing more energy then you need. So if you can buy the whole system up front, you do got options, take in small bites and in the long run you will...

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SolSolution – Solar Energy 4 Education

Public Schools across the USA typically have resource constraints, in most cases, Schools work on fixed and limited budgets can’t afford to invest in programs that can give students in the U.S. education system a chance to compete with superior overseas education. Just like every household and business in the USA, skyrocketing energy costs are forcing people and organizations to scale back their spending. Unfortunately the raising energy costs effects our most important assets also, our public school systems. SolSolution, an interesting not for profit venture helps schools take control of electric costs by providing solar power systems at no upfront cost to a school, through a power purchase agreement (PPA). A PPA is a contract between a organization and investor to install a solar power plant on the schools roof for no upfront cost in return for a lower electric rate per kWh then the school would receive from the utility company. Schools can instantly lower their electric rates and save hundreds of thousands of dollars to reinvest the savings back into their students. A great solution for the american school system! According to the SolSolution Website: “SolSolution’s innovative, nonprofit business model allows us to: • Increase the quality of education in schools by providing them with additional financial resources. • Generate clean, renewable, carbon-free electricity. • Support the solar installer industry. Many school districts spend anywhere from $1 million to $60 million per year for electricity. We enable a massive shift in the use of these funds. For underprivileged schools with limited educational resources, such a shift in funds can make a world of difference! Imagine your local school creating a new art studio, a science and engineering lab, and hiring additional teachers (or paying the great ones what they’re worth!).” I spoke to Soren one of the Directors of SolSolution today, Sorren Harrison who is very passionate about SolSoltions’s initiative said the non-profit organization has selected their first school in which are raising funds and awareness about helping Big Bear High School in California control their electric expenses through solar power. A pre-analysis and financial feasbility study has been completed and now the group is looking for donations and support from the community to get this project completed sucessfuly. If you would like to learn more about SolSolution, please visit their website, although what would really help is if you donate to this great cause...

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Say hello to Mirco-Inverters

Buzz going around solar town is there is a new “micro-inverter” on the street made by Enphase. Cool! Before I even go into what an micro-inverter” is lets start off with the basics. An inverter in general coverts the DC (direct current) power produced by solar panels into AC power (alternating current). Basically, AC power is what most of our appliances run on. So, the inverter plays a critical in your solar power system. Traditionally, solar power systems have a series of solar panels connected to an inverter. So if an inverter goes down, that whole series goes down with it. So how is a micro-inverter different? The major difference is instead of having a series of panels connected to one inverter, a mirco-inverter connects to each panel. It means, your system performance will greatly increase because: maximizes the harvesting capabilites of each solar panel in the array. increases the reliability of the solar power system. simplifies the installation process. solar panels performs better in shady conditions, and is resiliant to dirt and bird poop. Awesome innvotation continues in renewable energy industry, people are really thinking of some out of the box soltuions to problems down to the installtion level. The solar power industry is heading to mass adoption like a bullet...

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