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which solar power system would you install?

Similar to a computer which is made up of not only the processor but a keyboard, mouse, RAM, memory, monitor, speakers..etc, there’s a lot more to solar power than just the solar panels. An ordinary solar power system includes solar panels plus mounting hardware, inverters, wires, clips, clamps, standoffs, L-Feet, grounding lugs, connectors, wire management, disconnects combiner boxes and many nuts & bolts not the mention the tools required to get the system installed. For someone installing a solar power system for the first time, it’s an overwhelming process of figuring out all the parts required to make up the entire system. Many times even experienced installers make several trips to the hardware store for missing parts. Why does installing a solar power system have to be like putting together a complicated jig saw puzzle? thanks to the developments in the solar industry, installing a solar power system does not have to be as difficult with the Andalay Solar Panels by Westinghouse Solar. The system by Westinghouse Solar requires the least amount of parts, labor and tools to install compared to any other solar power system on the market. The Andalay Solar system is made up of black Suntech 175 watt solar panels with Enphase M190 Micro Inverters attached directly to the frame of the solar panel. The frame of the Andalay Solar Panels act as the rails and attach directly to the roof with the simple mounting hardware supplied with the system. This is the type of innovation and efficiencies we need to take solar power to the masses, it needs to be more user friendly. Westinghouse Solar is leading the industry in terms of offering a complete solar power solution that any contractor or savvy do it yourselfer can install with ease. Would you rather install an ordinary solar power system or Westinghouse Solar? What do you think of Andalay Solar by...

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solar energy in the sunshine state?

I had a customer call in today from Florida and he was telling me how disappointed he was that he doesn’t see too many solar panels in Florida, he stressed it is the “sunshine state”. It’s unfortunate that amount of solar irradiation has no relation to how many solar panels are installed in region, for example Germany is leading the world in solar energy usage and they are well known for their cloudy climate, in fact they have half the solar irradiation then we do here in the U.S. In Germany the energy policy is very favorable towards green energy and that’s why solar panels are much more common out there. Here in the U.S. we have very bias policies in support fossil fuels over green energy, unfortunately. Reflecting on the conversation I had with our customer, Florida is one of the top states leading the green energy revolution. In fact, this earlier this year the first feed-in tariff in America was passed in Gainesville, FL, now that’s historic. Just today, Progress Energy a major electric company in Florida announced that the hit a significant milestone of installing one megawatt (MW) of solar power capacity. Their solar rebate program encouraged more than 140 customers to install solar panels to offset their electric bills. Progress also has 20 solar pv farms generating clean power over 35 service territories. I agree we don’t see solar on every rooftop in the USA yet, although in my opinion we soon will, the technology will become as common as life is today with cell phones and computers. The green energy revolution will not transition us over night, but we will soon notice the change. One day in the future we’ll be reflecting, “remember the time when we used to have to pay for energy” What do you think? Do you agree with...

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Most popular blog posts of 2008

This year flew by! Looking back, our company helped even more people around the world reach their renewable energy and efficiency goals this year. This makes us feel really good because our traction is a great indicator that we’re delivering our mission of “helping you get started with renewable energy”. As the rest of the economy is scaling their operations down, we are anticipating an even more successful 2009, we feel even more people are going to look for ways to reduce their bills in the economic times we are facing, don’t you agree? To finish off 2008, I wanted to share the five most popular 2008 blog posts that caught the interest of our readers. Calculating the Economics of a solar power system cargo ship powered by solar panels Trends to Watch in 2009 Solar Panels breakthrough or exaggerated claim? Simple Grid Tie Solar Power System Drawing What do you think is in store for renewable energy & efficiency moving forward into bad economic times in 2009? Are you still hopeful renewable energy will pull through moving...

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The disadvantages of grid tie solar with battery backup

Many people, for some reason want to add a battery backup to their grid tie solar power systems in the USA even though in most areas we have a very reliable gird. The security of having a little power for critical loads during a black out comes with significant disadvantages which include: you will have to install more components compared to simple grid tie system Batteries will require maintenance and will add significantly to the final cost of the system. efficiency loss will occur due to charging batteries. up to 15% loss in performance. your not going to be able to power your entire home or business off a solar power grid tie backup system. I live in Los Angeles, we don’t have many power outages here, so its really not worth a battery backup unless I am worried about the next big earthquake in our area. For disaster purposes it maybe better to have a separate backup generator that is not connected to the solar power system but only used when the power goes out for a long period of time. What do you think? Are batteries worth the...

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top 5 tips to size a solar power system that fits your budget.

My day consists of helping many people size their solar power system to fit their budgets. If your considering a solar power system for your home or small business, I would consider the following 7 tips to help you size you solar power system: 1. Figure out what is the maximum you are willing to spend on a complete solar power system. Are you going to install yourself or hire a professional? The answer to this question will have an impact on your budget. 2. How much space do you have to install solar panels? If your in the northern hemisphere of the world, which includes the USA. Then the best location to point your panels is south. In the southern hemisphere of the world you would point your panels north to maximize on the peak sun. 3. How much of your electric bill do you want to offset using solar panels? Remember solar power systems are expandable so you can add more capacity in the future. 4. Investigate tax credits, rebates from utility companies, government incentives, and other incentives that you qualify for. call your utility company and ask if they have a solar power rebate program. If your in the USA, ask your tax consultant about the federal tax credit for renewable energy systems. 5. Popular ways to finance a solar power system include for your home are home equity loans, loans from your 401k, lines of credit, and unsecured credit. For small businesses, equipment leases and power purchasing agreements are popular. what do you think is the most difficult aspect of getting started with solar? Is it difficult to figure out how many solar panels you...

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