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10 year solar installation warranty

We’ve talked about how solar panels that produce clean electricity are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty of 25 to 30 years. If you are deciding to retrofit your roof with a solar panels with the help of a solar installer, you should ask them to explain the terms of their 10 year installation warranty. Solar panel mounting systems are bolted into the structure of the roof which requires roof penetrations, depending on the quality of the solar installation the process of penetrating the roof can cause the integrity of the roof to be compromised. If your solar installer did a bad job, you could end up having a leaky roof, would that be horrible? Here in California, when a solar system is installed by a solar contractor, the installation itself has to be covered by a 10 year warranty. If anything goes wrong with your system, the contractor would be liable for 10 years to fix the problem without any cost to you. So if you are going to hire a solar contractor to install your solar electric system, make sure you review the terms of their 10 year installation warranty. Do you think a 10 year installation warranty is...

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Suprise drops solar panel permitting fees

Across America, before you can install solar panels to heat your water or generate clean electricity most likely you will have to file a building permit with your city. The city of Surprise in the greater Phoenix took a bold move to encourage more homes and businesses to seize control of their own energy future. The city council voted unanimously on Thursday night t0 drop all fees related to procuring permits for residents who are installing solar panels to produce electricity or heat water. Typically the city charged 5 for a building permit to build your own power plant. “The mayor and council gave clear direction that solar is a key element in our sustainability commitment. This ordinance is a useful tool in encouraging more people to adopt solar by helping to lower the up front costs.,” said Community Development Director Jeff Mihelich. This is a great sign of the general acceptance of solar energy as a priority on the local level of government. I think more people are realizing that energy is becoming a limited resource and people understand the USA has occupied Iraq for energy reasons. The cities are doing their part to reduce the upfront costs of going solar. Even though the permits are just a small percentage of the total cost of a system every little counts when you remove the barriers to generate green energy. We hope every city across America removes this annoying barrier onto top of the already confusing process of going solar. It seems like renewable energy is going mainstream through local grassroots movement towards clean energy...

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Grid Alternatives donates solar power

There is a great group out there called Grid Alternatives based out of Northern California that raises money for a solar power installation for a low income residents of California. The group established an office out in Los Angeles area a few months ago and I have been informed that they have secured an installation for a low income family in El Monte, California….the installation will not make it easier for one family to lower their operating overhead, but the donated solar power system will give others the opportunity to get their hands dirty on a solar power installation. The great part of this service is that it trains and get the public excited about solar and hopefully some of the volunteer installers who get a chance to be part of the project end up relieving the industry with the lack of workforce problem. Grid Alternatives kills two birds with one stone by exposing solar and developing a qualified workforce for the industry. For more information:...

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