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The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund Makes Solar Power Possible

Today, the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) made major commitments grossing ,250,000 to four solar photovoltaic projects. The money was distributed in forms of grants for the following organizations: Precision Plastic Products in Portland, Connecticut – will receive $359,765 to install an 83 kilowatt solar power system at their manufacturing facility. Lifecare Retirement Community in Essex, Connecticut will receive $459,719 for installing a 108 kilowatt solar power system at the retirement community. Chase Collegiate School in Waterbury, Connecticut is documented to receive $275,795 for installing a 64 kilowatt solar power installation. Kaestle Boos Associates an architecture firm in New Britain, Connecticut is set to receive $157,212 for installing a 35 kilowatt system. Lise Dondy, president of CCEF stated, “By supporting these four solar installations, we are helping to bring on line nearly 300 kilowatts of clean energy generating capacity, enough energy to power 36 homes each year.” Without the financial support of the CCEF these solar power project would not be possible. The grant recipients have been greatly affected by raising energy costs and without the support of CCEF these organizations would have to make serious budget cuts, layoffs and even relocation. By establishing programs to help with the upfront cost of going solar, it really stimulates the economy, it keeps business and programs within Connecticut to continue operations and create jobs and increase the local Goss Domestic Product. Investing in solar power stimulates the economy MUCH more than handing out “economic stimulus” checks by the federal government which is going to be used on buying gas (since oil prices have been skyrocketing)….where does the gas come from? Saudi Arabia and other foreign entities….contact your so called “representatives” in congress and tell them to stop bickering with each other, and start funding the obvious technologies that are going to not only help us become energy independent but are going to really stimulate the economy by creating jobs and reducing the bottom lines for organizations...

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