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Roofscreen Solar Panel Racking

Roofscreen has diversified their product line into the solar panel industry. The Roofscreen solar panel racking system can be scaled up easily, has a low parts count and ships with with drawings that are certified by a structural engineer. This racking system is geared towards commercial and industrial rooftops, which traditionally have obstacles such as vents and drains. The Roofscreen due to its height can clear the typical obstacles other racking systems can’t therefore increasing the space solar panels can be installed on top of commercial and industrial roofs. One of the nicest features is if the roof needs to be repaired in the future, the Roofscreen can be completely or partially dismantled and reinstalled at a later time. There are multiple waterproof roof flashing made for the most common commercial and industrial roofs. When working with Roofscreen, not only do you get the solar panel racking product but a service of AutoCAD designing to the unique specifications of your roof is also included when you order a Roofscreen solar panel mounting system. The Roofscreen can also be used in high wind speeds, the design of the system makes the system stronger when the wind load is high. Lately many new products are being introduced in the commercial and industrial solar panel mounting market. Why do you think this...

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Solar Electric Systems are Modular!

Modular? What am I talking about? Well a Solar Electric systems are scalable, meaning that like Legos, you can build on top of a small system. Since the solar panels are the most expensive part of the overall system cost, some people can afford to buy enough panels to eliminate their entire bill. So what can a customer do, is it all or nothing? Absolutely not! When you purchase a system, you can oversize the inverter, meaning that if you want a 5kw system in the future, but can only afford 1kw worth of solar panels today, you can buy a grid tie inverter that has a maximum capacity of 5kw and purchase 1kw worth of solar panels, as your budget increases you can buy more solar panels until you max out your inverter. I call this a “staged investment in a solar electric system” the end investment goal is to eliminate your entire electric bill, but you chip away a little at a time. There is a common misconception out there that all your capacity has to be purchased upfront which is totally not true. Go ahead, get started with a small system today, but don’t worry you have the ability to expand it...

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