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Solar calculators that help you make accurate installation decisions.

Installing solar panels could be a difficult task if you don’t understand the sun. I mean we can all agree that the sun raises and sets, although its really more complicated then it seems. Depending on your geographical area the sun travels over your property differently. Therefore understanding the path of the sun is a key element for your solar power system to maximize its output thus increasing your return on investment. The Earth System Research Laboratory has created the Sunrise / Sunset and Solar Noon Calculator and the Solar position calculator to help you better understand the path of the sun in your area. All you have to do is select a city from the drop down menu and the critical data for your project is automatically populated. According to the website, “The calculations in the NOAA Sunrise/Sunset and Solar Position Calculators are based on equations from Astronomical Algorithms, by Jean Meeus. The sunrise and sunset results have been verified to be accurate to within a minute for locations between +/- 72° latitude, and within 10 minutes outside of those latitudes.” The calculator is really helpful when designing a system to find out the ideal pitch and position of the solar panels. I would recommend everyone considering to install solar panels to play with the calculators to better understand the path of the sun because its the most basic element to solar power that can make or break your project. Sunrise/Sunset and Solar Noon Calculator Solar Position...

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