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Solar Energy protects you from inflation.

Isn’t it interesting that the US Government excludes food & energy inflation when calculating consumer price index (CPI) — the average price of consumer goods and services purchased by households. Realistically the price for energy has been increasing on a yearly basis. Natural gas over the last 30 years in the residential sector was 7.54%. Electricity has been increasing 4-6% per year depending on where you live in the USA. Consumers who purchase a solar energy system, solar photovoltaic (electric) or solar thermal system (solar hot water) they are protecting themselves from inflation. Adding energy inflation to a solar energy financial analysis is a very important factor because only then you can see the true payback period of a solar energy system. Locking in the rate you pay for energy is one of the best investments you can make. The booming world population coupled with rapidly developing countries has created a global power play for energy resources, moving forward the cost of energy is predicted to skyrocket, will you have energy...

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A Consumers guide to Solar Power

Reliable information is so critical when you are thinking about buying a solar electric system for your home or business. Solar electric system also known as photovoltaic or PV systems can not only help consumers generate free clean energy but it helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil and cleans up the air. The U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy understands the need for quality information and released a FREE consumer’s guide to solar power called, “Get Your Power from the Sun.” This a well written guide every consumer should review when making a buying decision. We hope this helps you go solar! Click on the handbook below to download: Download: A Consumers Guide: Get Your Power from the...

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Solar Panels & Golf Ball Sized Hail

A consumer called me thinking about going solar, but he had a major concern, Hail. How do solar panels hold up to Hail? Well it depends. Depending on the brand of Solar Photovoltaic Modules (aka Solar Panels that produce electricity) some panels are hail-resistant solar panels. In general if hail is a problem in your geographic area ask the installer if the panels have a certificate that they passed hail tests. I found out through a close source, that SunPower (a manufacturer of solar panels) shoots golf balls at their panels to stimulate a hail storm. If the solar panels is not hail rated and is damaged during a hail storm, depending on your insurance coverage, there is a possibility the panels may be covered. (You have to check with your insurance company and read your policy to make sure the panels are covered) There have been cases where homeowners insurance has covered damaged solar panels which were not hail resistant. Most solar panels are coated with tempered glass protecting the silicon and will take quite a beating; it’s always great to bring up this question to the installer when making a purchasing...

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Solar Energy on cloudy days, yes it works.

Does solar energy work on a cloudy day? Many consumers who live outside of the southwest USA are concerned about the performance of solar energy in low light conditions. Let’s use Germany as an example; the country has much less sun exposure compared to the USA. Germany is an unlikely hotspot for Solar Energy; but the country is adopting solar energy faster than the USA and has become one of the world’s leading solar power generators. Obviously Germany’s political system endorses renewable energy much more than the USA; this is why it makes sense for Germans in even low light conditions to create energy from the sun. The truth is, even on cloudy days, a solar energy system is still creating a significant amount of energy. Why does solar energy make so much sense in cloudy Germany and not in the sunny USA? The feed-in tariff (gives citizens generating power from the sun a guaranteed payment from the local utility company), which makes the financial payback very attractive for the people of Germany to go solar. So get on your phone and call your representative in Congress and tell them to model our solar energy incentive programs to a working model such as Germany or Japan (who are the true leaders in installing solar...

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