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Solar Photovoltaic Panel Warranties

Solar Panels that turn sunlight into electricity typically have 25 year warranties because the panels have no moving parts and do not wear down for a long time. The average warranty from a solar panel manufacturer is between 10 and 25 years. Each warranty is different, therefore a smart consumer should read the warranty information on the manufacturers website or call the company to really understand the terms of what is covered under the warranty, when buying solar panels you are making a long term investment therefore its very important you understand the terms of the warranty making the investment. During the 1970s in the USA there was a solar power rush and many of the companies during that time went out of business and customers were stuck holding warranties that were worthless if something went wrong with the product. In general solar panels are very reliable and most customers don’t have problems. To minimize your risk go with a reputable brand name like, sanyo, evergreen, sharp, BP Solar..etc There are many new companies jumping into the solar power bandwagon, so please review warranty information carefully so you know what you’re getting into right off the...

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Solar Panel Warranties

Why do solar panels manufacturing companies offer a warranty period of at least 25 years? The average solar panel has a life expectancy up to 30-40 years. Since there are no moving parts with a solar energy system, nothing wears down. Therefore as long as the panels are cleaned at least every 6 months, the performance of your system should exceed your expectations. Cleaning a ground mount system is much easier since the panels are easily accessible. A garden hose with a bucket of water and soap is all that is needed when cleaning a solar panel system. Cleaning panels becomes a more difficult chore with a roof mount system because working on top of a roof becomes dangerous and typically a consumer must hire a service provider or window washing company to get up there and clean the panels. When making a decision for going solar, maintenance is an important factor in selecting between a ground or roof mount...

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