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clicksys, solar panel mounting just got easier

UniRac, a leading solar panel mounting hardware provider released their brand new clicksys flush mounting system using a unique i-beam design which enhances aesthetics, optimizes strength and eliminates extra components required to mount solar panels onto a rooftop. Less parts to deal with means less time on the roof to install the system. The video below demonstrates the time saved when using clicksys compared to traditional solar panel mounting systems. There is no need to drill and the “click and secure” connections removed the needs for nuts and bolts. Clicksys is compatible with most roofs and carries a 10 year warranty. The company produced a video of a side by side installation test to prove how fast you can install solar panels with clicksys. What do you think about solar panel racking systems becoming more standardized and easier to...

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solar pv awnings

We’ve all seen solar panels mounted on top of roofs but that’s not the only place to mount solar panels. Many people have solar pv awnings in which solar panels not only generate electricity but provide shade during a hot summer day which reduces cooling loads and cuts glare. Mounting solar panels on top of awnings will increase airflow around the solar panels which allows them to operate at cooler temperatures. Solar panels generate more electricity the cooler they operate since heat restricts electron flow. Solar photovoltaic awnings can be retrofitted into an existing building or integrated into a new building’s design. Solar photovoltaic awnings are an example of building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), a term that defines when solar panels are integrated into the shell of the building. What do you think about solar pv...

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