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L.A. Tech Week features Clean Energy

L.A. Tech Week is a series of events designed to inform those with an interest in technology – businesses that develop technologies and businesses that employ technologies, developers, entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, teachers and students – about the state of the technology landscape in Los Angeles County. This year, the technology theme of the event is clean energy, which includes solar energy, wind power, fuel cells and the numerous technologies labeled “Sustainable Energy”. Learn about the latest breaking clean energy technologies from America’s leading technology companies based in Los Angeles County, you’ll find valuable information on the latest technological developments and trends. The panelist seem very interesting and have diverse backgrounds, I am looking forward to meeting Dr. Surampudi who works on spacecraft power systems at JPL and has experience with batteries, fuel cells, alternate fuels, solar cells, radioisotope power systems. Sounds interesting, don’t you...

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Kicking off Solar Power International 2008!

We’re in Sunny San Diego this week to report all the new product activity that will be taking place at the Solar Power International Conference this week. More than 15,000 people are registered to attend the event, and 425 companies will showcase their solar technologies at the trade show. The conference is a sell out and excitement is in the air since the solar tax credit was extended for 8 years by congress recently. Tonight, Governor Schwarzenegger will address conference to showcase his support for the solar industry at the evening kickoff reception. This conference is not only for industry professionals but, If you are a member of the public and are interested in attending the public night on Wednesday, October 15, From 5:30 – 8:30 p.m. there is a free public night on the expo floor. No registration is required. Three public seminars include: 6-7 p.m. on solar electric for the homeowner; 7-8 p.m. on solar water heating for home owners; and 6:30-8 p.m. and finding your solar dream job. If you are going to be here please contact me, I would love to meet you. Until tomorrow, when the real fun starts, check back often as we update our blog with the newest products the solar industry has to offer...

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My National Solar Tour 2008 Experience

What an exciting day! I always enjoy the first Saturday of October because of the ASES National Solar Tour that is held every year across the nation. People who have solar panels on top of their roofs open up their homes to the public to answer questions about their systems to interested parties. The National Solar Tour is the largest grassroots solar event in history, it’s the only event in which you can Tour homes and buildings to see how your neighbors are using solar energy to reduce their monthly utility bills. There were many homes open in Southern California although I had time to visit three locations. Solar Tour Stop #1 – Seal Beach, CA Doug Korthof’s home is my favorite stop of the the tour every year not only because of cool 4.2 kilowatt (kW) solar power system with battery backup that can last through a 2 day power outage. Doug has got his hands on a couple rare Electric Vehicles (EV) including an Electric Ford Ranger, WV and Toyota RAV4 that he can plug right into his solar power system. You may recognize the name Doug Korthof from the movie, Who Killed the Electric Car? Doug has been a long time EV activist and is an organizer of the SoCal Solar Tour. The Toyota RAV 4 was charging when I was taking pictures of it. Toyota does not offer these EV to the public anymore. Luckily Doug was able to acquire one of these rare jewels before they were taken off the market. Hahaha, very creative license plate! With Doug’s setup with solar panels competing against his electric rate and fuel costs, I bet his investment in solar energy has broken even very quickly on the cost of his solar power system. Below is a picture Ford Ranger Electric! Part of Doug’s EV Fleet. Have you ever seen one of these on the road? A sweet VW electric! All these cars have the ability to connect to a solar power system. The great aspect of a EV is that there is less maintenance involved. No oil changes, smog tests, valves, pistons, less moving parts, make EV more reliable and greener then traditional combustible engines. Imagine life without being attached to the gas station and utility company. Vehicle to Grid technology Solar Tour Stop #2 – Costa Mesa, CA A stop on the Costa Mesa Solar Tour hosted by Evan Little. This home featured a low profile 9.7 kW solar power system with Fronius IG inverters. The owner of the system recently installed this system through financing it by taking a loan from his 401k. His electric...

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ASES National Solar Tour 2008

The ASES National Solar Tour is the largest grassroots solar energy event in history. The only event in which you can tour homes and buildings to see how your neighbors are using solar energy to reduce their monthly utility bills. On October 4 th, early adopters of solar energy systems will open their doors to the public, so people can get a first hand experience of how solar energy works and how practical it is to use in our daily lives. In my experience, consumers have many myths about solar energy in their minds and when they get a chance to talk to the home and business owners who have already took the risk of installing solar panels, they get a chance to witness first hand the success stories, which coverts many people into customers of solar energy systems. This is one of the best FREE solar power events I’ve ever been to, I went last year and was amazed of the passionate, friendly hosts who not only power their homes but charge their electric vehicles from the power of the sun! These are clean energy leaders willing to open their homes and businesses to strangers to raise awareness of solar energy. I’ll be at a couple of the tour locations in Los Angeles and Orange County, so please if you are going to attend, give us a shout! Checkout the list of locations across the nation. We hope you can join in a tour in your local...

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Top 7 Myths of Solar Electricity

The US Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy released an interesting article on the common myths of solar electricity (photovoltaics). Solar Power has been around for decades, although people still believe its an inferior technology which is not even close to true. The myths most consumers have are mind are the following: Myth #1 – Solar Electricity cannot serve the needs of the US or the world. Myth #2 – Today, Solar Electricity can do everything for everyone. Myth #3 – Solar Energy cannot offset greenhouse gases Myth #4 – Manufacturing Solar Panels creates pollution Myth #5 – Solar Electricity is merely a hobby and only appealing to small niche markets. Myth #6 – A solar power system is just too expensive, you can’t get much energy out of a system. Myth #7 – Solar Panels and system equipment is as good as it can get, there is no need for additional research and development. Why do you think people have these myths in mind when they think about solar...

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