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Shopping around for solar power.

It’s always best to get multiple quotes when making any major purchasing decision and its common when making a large investment such as a renewable energy system. It’s recommended that consumers get multiple quotes when shopping for renewable energy services and products by the department of energy itself. But the problem is that most consumers don’t compare product quotes apples to apples. Many times the lower priced quote may not be all what it seems to be when you start comparing the real facts. A consumer should compare products and complete solar power systems with the following in mind: 1. How many watts are the solar power systems being quoted? 2. What type of warranty are the products backed by? 3. How about after sales support? Will the retail outlet or service provider be responsible for your questions after the sale? 4. What is the output quoted? Is the same output shown on a competitive quote? Are both quotes using the same standard in quoting the output of the solar panel or wind turbine? 5. Which organization gets back to your emails / phone call faster? There are many times consumers in this industry shop for the lowest price and regret it afterwards. In the renewable energy industry its better to shop for the best value compared to the lowest price. The lowest price many times ends up costing more in the long run, therefore when comparing two quotes make sure you are comparing...

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