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Bill Clinton Promotes Solar Energy at Solar Power International 2012

Bringing in more than 21,000 professionals from countries all over the planet, Solar Power International is the known to be the solar conference to attend in the solar industry today.  This event, which will be held on September 12 in Orlando, Florida, offers a series of workshops, exhibits, and networking opportunities for renewable energy enthusiasts and experts everywhere.  Solar Power International will feature over 1,200 companies on an expansive trade show floor, making for an exciting networking event.  Manufacturers, distributers, contractors, engineers, investors, and policy-makers are just some of the professionals who will be in Orlando come September.  This eclectic group of solar aficionados will be amassed at the Orange County Convention Center for this massive business-to-business event. Put on by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA), all the proceeds of Solar Power International go towards advancement of U.S. solar markets through education and market-building initiatives. And there is no doubt that U.S. solar markets are already growing rapidly.  According to Scott Sklar, the United States has witnessed the start of more than 100 new renewable energy and energy efficiency manufacturing plants in the last 36 months alone.  With technological advancements and declining costs every year, solar energy markets are expected to continue to grow.  This year’s Solar Power International will kick off with a keynote address from a man whose vision taps into this bright future of solar energy. Bill Clinton, the 42nd president of the United States, will be giving the keynote speech at this solar convention.  Clinton is the most recognized speaker Solar Power International has had and will surely garner much publicity for the event.  Not only is Clinton well known, but he also has the ability to articulate his understanding of our planet’s current state and what the direction we need to move in to solve our energy problems at home and abroad. In the last decade, Clinton has devoted his valuable time and resources to promoting the use of clean energy such as solar.  Solar energy has also been an integral part of Clinton’s efforts to help Haitians recover in the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010.  President Clinton has long been forthright in his criticisms of those who deny the causal relationship between human behavior and global climate change.  Clinton has been and will continue to be a powerful advocate for industries in renewable energy. Julia Hamm, CEO of SEPA, expressed the shared excitement about Clinton’s participation in Solar Power International 2012: “President Clinton’s global perspective and stature are sure to motivate and inspire our exhibitors and attendees. We are honored to present the former President...

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top 10 solar friendly utilities of 2008

The Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) has an annual tradition of recognizing the most solar friendly utility companies in the USA. SPEA recently announced the the top 10 utilities based on how many grid tie solar electric systems (photovoltaics and concentrated solar power) were interconnected in calendar year 2008 . According to the report the following ten utilities are leading the nation in solar power: #1 – Pacific Gas & Electric#2 – Southern California Edison#3 – San Diego Gas & Electric#4 – Public Service Company of Colorado#5 – Public Service Electric & Gas Company#6 – Arizona Public Service Company#7 – Hawaiian Electric Company#8 – Portland General Electric#9 – Sacramento Municipal Utility District#10 – Long Island Power Authority The top 10 represent 93% of the nation’s total capacity of installed solar electric systems. Utilities in seven different states placed in the top 10, although Californian utilities had the largest representation with the most megawatts of capacity installed. Do you think more utilities across the nation will encourage solar power? Will new faces emerge on next year’s coveted top 10 solar friendly utilities list? What do you...

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Santee Cooper holding solar power customers hostage!

Thanks to a reader comment, we dug into the South Carolina utility company called Santee Cooper because we wrote yesterday about how the state of South Carolina has implemented a statewide net metering law. Net-Metering is offered in most states across the USA but the customers of the Santee Cooper utility, about 2 million of them are being held hostage by the utility company becase they are not offering true net-metering. This utility company has came up with their own sneaky plan to keep customers from buying and installing solar by offering “net-billing”, which is their own version of net-metering that totally favors the utility company. The interesting part is when you visit the Santee Cooper website they show off they “Live Green” and brag about their solar power initiatives, but it’s just plain and simple Greenwashing. According to SourceWatch Greenwashing is defined as the following, “the unjustified appropriation of environmental virtue by a company, an industry, a government, a politician or even a non-government organization to create a pro-environmental image, sell a product or a policy, or to try and rehabilitate their standing with the public and decision makers after being embroiled in controversy.”The defintion of Greenwashing perfectly fits what Santee Cooper is doing with by not offering net-metering like the rest of the country and offering a “net-billing” which really does no encorage customers to install solar panels. The South Carolina Net Metering Blog does a good job describing net billing offering by Santee Cooper. Net-Billing is a pilot program in which only 10 people can participate. Once you install a solar power system and particpate in the program you have to change your rate to time of use. Since its a pilot program, there can be dramatic shifts in policy which could leave the solar power system owner holding the bags. Santee Cooper’s board of directors can change the program at their will. The CEO of the company thinks they are being generous compared to other utilites. We here in California have very generous utility companies (even though they are not perfect) Our state has the most solar power installations compared to anywhere else in the USA. So this message goes out to Santee Cooper, get your act together, offer real net-metering and stop playing games with your customers, we have no time to play these types of games and discorage the use of solar power, the renewable energy revolution is going to happen with or without Santee Cooper. Santee Cooper customers, if you are dealing with the utility to install solar power on your home or business and are having trouble with Santee Cooper and...

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