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motion-activated led Security Light by RAB

Presenting the RAB LED LFLOOD 18W with STL360, a motion-activated security light for your home or office. Ideal to complete your home security system, the RAB LStealthworks as a deterrent against crime.  This security light is perfect to protect your garage, back yard, side yard, barn, or any area that needs security lighting on a regular basis.  The RAB LStealth is also convenient to have at your front porch for those times you spend outside in the evenings. The RAB LStealth’s finish is offered in your choice of bronze or white to match style of your home or office building. One thing that sets this security sensor apart from the rest is the range of motion that it detects.  The RAB LStealth tracks movement not only in front, but in a full 180 degrees that extends sixty feet.  On top of that, the RAB LStealth’s sensor also picks up any motion underneath it in 360 degrees.  There is no sneaking past the RAB LStealth!  Upon activation of this high-powered sensor, the RAB Stealth’s LED light extends a brilliant fan of over 1600 Lumens, covering an area that would normally require two standard floodlights to produce.  This LED light comes in color temperatures of 3000k, 4000k, or 5000k to match your personal taste.  By using this LED technology, you will also be conserving energy.  This highly efficacious security light consumes only 18 Watts, helping you chip away at the cost of your monthly electric bill. To save even more energy, the RAB LStealth also comes with an evening timer mode. This allows you to set your RAB LStealth to work for a designated amount of time in the evening.  Forgotten are the days of constantly replacing incandescent lamps for your security lights.  This LED is packed with an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours.  The RAB LStealth is sturdy and built to withstand intense weather conditions; its minimum working temperature is -40 degrees Celsius! The manufacturers of this dependable product stand behind the RAB LStealthwith a ten-year warranty. The RAB LStealthprovides exceptional performance for commercial or residential use. Where can you use the RAB LED LFLOOD 18W with STL360?...

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