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Free Energy Classes by Southern California Edison

Did you know that every time you pay your electricity bill in California, Edison uses some of that money to provide the public with educational workshops?  These classes are a unique opportunity for everyone to learn how to save money, energy, and the planet. We recently attended a class about plug-in electric vehicle chargers at Southern California Edison in Irwindale, California.  When we first arrived, we sipped on coffee and walked around the interactive lighting display, which has an assortment of lamps for commercial and residential use. Prior to the class itself, we went on the “Smart Energy Experience” tour, which is essentially a tour through a model home designed to demonstrate how Edison plans to help consumers actively monitor their energy consumption in real-time. Our tour guide also explained how energy saving incentive programs can work for Edison customers. The futuristic “smart” electric meters and appliances will make it easier than ever to monitor and successfully reduce energy usage.  Our tour guide talked about the appliances and fixtures that the model home featured. Our tour guide went over all the changes the average household can make to create a more eco-friendly, cost-effective lifestyle. This model home had recycled glass countertops, bamboo floors, and a washer-dryer combo that communicates electronically to pre-set dry cycles. Our tour guide also explained how energy saving incentive programs work. Implementing natural light in the home is a powerful way to save energy. Check out this solar light pipe that utilizes natural light in the home!Edison offers a wide range of introductory and specialized classes that range from from LED lighting, to heating and refrigeration.  Be sure to sign up for a few of these free workshops and learn how you can save energy. Don’t forget to take the “Smart Energy Experience” tour before your class!...

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Southern California Edison – 25% electric rate hike!

This week, Southern California Edison (SCE) made a huge announcement, according to an article in easy reader news, Scott Gobel, regional manager for Southern California Edison said average customers in SCE territory will see an electric rate hike of 25%! Scott says,”that is a huge increase, In 25 years I’ve worked with this company, we have never raise the rate 25 percent.” Natural Gas is a major element of electricity generation here in the USA and is the reason for the astronomical rate hike customers will start to see on their bills shorty. You thought the pain at the pump was bad enough, well energy inflation is soon going to hit your electric bill. People who have installed solar panels or wind power generators have already locked in their electric rates since they are producing their own clean energy. Renewable Energy power generation is a great tool to hedge against raising energy costs. If you are considering to purchase a solar electric system or a wind turbine and are a SCE customer, well now is the time to start looking into it because your investment is going to pay itself back 25 times faster then...

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