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your light switch is your vote

Earth Hour 2009 is just around the corner, If you haven’t heard about the yearly phenomenon, let me explain. Earth Hour is a annual event in which people around the globe to reduce electrical consumption by powering down their buildings from 8:30p to 9:30p, the impact Earth Hour has on the world is amazing, even if it’s just a one hour blackout, the global event results an enormous amounts of kWh (kilowatt-hours) conserved. How many negawatts will the world create by saving energy for one hour? Energy conservation has direct bottom line impact to our environment. I suppose Earth Hour is a fun way for people to realize that conserving energy is the first step towards solving our environmental problems. Earth Hour is the only annual celebration with the theme of saving energy and major cities around the world will be hosting Earth Hour celebrations to promote the cause. You can learn more about Earth Hour celebrations near you here in the US by checking out the official website. Here in L.A. we’re preparing for one of the largest Earth Hour events. I found out about the L.A. Earth Hour event by one of the people behind the scenes, Mike Bonifer of Game Changers who is working creatively to promote and educate people about the event and why it’s important for everyone to participate on this historic day. What are you doing for Earth Hour? Will you be turning off the lights? If your going to be heading out to Turn Out, L.A. please contact...

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Reduce the upfront cost of going solar!

One of the most common complaints about “going solar” is that the upfront cost is just too high. The primary reasons a solar power system can be a high ticket purchase for many solar power shoppers is because of the customers bad energy usage habits. The majority of solar power shoppers don’t realize they are energy hogs until they start shopping for solar power which forces them to understand and analyze their electric consumption. So how can Solar Power shoppers instantly get a deep discount on their solar power system? The answer is simple, “reduce then produce.” Focusing on energy efficiency, and implementing lifestyle and product changes can greatly reduce the upfront cost of a solar power system. It is always more cost effective to reduce your consumption through efficiency than it is to produce your own power. Think of it this way, the more you can save through energy efficiency the less solar panels you need to cover your electric usage, its that simple, but most solar power consumers get frustrated seeing high upfront costs of going solar and think there are no alternatives to bring the cost down. How do you reduce your energy consumption? A good start (and cheapest) is to change all your light bulbs to CFLs or LEDs, insulation can help reduce your energy by keeping the house cool during summer and warm in the winter, thus significantly reducing your yearly energy usage. Get rid of old appliances which hog and waste energy. Unplug unused items (they draw energy even if they are plugged in, but not in use), set your computers to automatically hibernate (power saving mode) when they are idle for more than 5 minutes. Purchase energy star appliances and most importantly turn off the lights when you leave a room. Changing the way you consume energy can have a significant impact on the overall price of a solar energy system, practicing reducing energy consumption can shave off thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars off the final cost of a system. Energy Efficiency and Solar Power fit very well with each other, so when considering solar power, think about how easy ways you can reduce your consumption first, you’ll be saving tons of...

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