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Sanyo N Series Complete Systems

I wanted to let you know that we now have complete solar electric systems with the brand new Sanyo HIT 215N high efficiency solar panels. The complete solar electric systems with Sanyo HIT 215N solar panels generate even more watts per square foot and cost less than the older Sanyo HIT 200BA19 solar panels which are being phased out. The great aspect of purchasing a complete system versus sourcing all the parts yourself is that these packages are permit-ready and include an installation manual, very useful for people who are installing solar panels for the first time. Residental solar electric systems traditonally require design, drawing out single line diagrams, and buying all the little parts that make up a solar electric system. With pre-package solutions it’s much easier to get started with solar power since every compotent you need comes in a...

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Sanyo vs. SunPower, who’s better?

I talk to a lot of people about solar panels and I’ve noticed there is a common misconception about “the king of solar panels”. Obviously when comparing solar panels, some solar panels are more efficient then others, this is where the comparison comes into play, which solar panel generates the most watts per square foot? Many people claim that SunPower is the most highly efficient solar panel on the market, but I would tend to disagree because I’ve seen head to head comparisons in which Sanyo solar panels outperform SunPower. One reason Sanyo’s generate more kWh (kilowatt-hours) on an annual basis than competitor solar panels is because they are a hybrid solar panel, they are composed of amorphous silicon and polycrystalline which gives them a higher temperature coefficient. The hotter the ambient temperatures become the less efficient solar panels become, although since Sanyo solar panels have a higher temperature coefficient, when temperatures are 70 degrees and higher they will produce 10% more energy than other solar panels on the market. SunWize conducted a great study comparing a Sanyo 215 watt solar panel to a SunPower 225 watt solar panel, even though the Sanyo is outnumbered by 10 watts by the SunPower, it still generates more energy. What do you...

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sanyo announces record efficiency

Sanyo is known for manufacturing solar panels that generate the most watts per square foot, the most highly efficient solar panels on the market today. I like to call Sanyo solar panels the “Ferrari of solar panels” since they perform very well due the hybrid composition of their solar cells. Today, Sanyo announced they have broken a its own record for the world’s highest energy conversion efficiency in practical size crystalline solar cells, reaching a efficiency of 23.0% in a laboratory. Now the challenge is for Sanyo to take their research and turn the record breaking high efficiency solar cells into mass production while lowering costs so solar panels become for affordable as well as more efficient. Sanyo has a goal to increase solar cell conversion efficiency by significant advances in lowering the production cost of the photovoltaic system and the reduction in the use of silicon, the materials most solar panels are made out of. When do you think it’s worth paying the premium for Sanyo high efficiency solar panels? What types of projects are high efficiency solar panels a good fit...

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