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UniRac’s Laminate RapidRac PV mounting solution

UniRac, a well know solar panel mounting solutions product manufacturer has released a new product line that is engineered to rack frameless laminated solar panels to commercial flat top roofs. The ballasted solar panel mounting application is wind tunnel tested and weighs less than 3 lbs per square foot. UniRac makes the installion simple with only a four page installation guide, one tool, and 6 components, solar panel installation has never been faster or easier. UniRac conducted time trials which have proven RapidRac is being installed at 1 kilowatt (kw) per man hour. The RapidRac is code compliant and documentation is included for easier bulding permiting. UniRac is using the Internet to serve RapidRac installation instructions (as well as instructions on mounting products via Unirac Mobile, a micro-site accessible from mobile devices such as cell phones, blackberries and PDAs., next time your on the roof and need to figure out how to install a UniRac product, well you’ll have the information at your...

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PanelClaw makes mounting solar on a flat roof a snap.

PanelClaw, a manufacturer of solar panel mounting systems, has launched a new product line called the Polar Bear. The Polar Bear is a easy to install non-rail based, ballasted mounting system that is designed to save money and time for everyone involved in the installation process. Polar Bear mounting system was independently tested in a wind tunnel at the Colorado State University and was beta tested at three large scale commerical installations, so the product has some real world field testing under it’s belt. Three people can install 16 solar panels under 20 mintues with the Polar Bear mouting system. The slip sheets and ground lugs come pre-installed which saves time in the installation process. Best of all this innovative solar photovotaic mounting system is made in the good ole...

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A quicker, easier and more secure roof mounted solar power installation

QuickMountPV a company that specializes in creating easy to install roof mounts for your solar panels. A common concern to retrofit solar panels on top of a roof is the chance of roof leaks in the future. The QuickMountPV team, a group of experienced installers understand that problem and created a product that is waterproof, low profile and requires no cutting into the roof! A very innovative project to solve the largest pains of retrofitting solar panels to the top of your roof. The QuickMountPV is compatible with every racking system and has a lifetime of 50 years, this product can last for the life of your roof and solar panel system. The company has even released a step-by-step instructional video We understand this product can help improve your experience of installing a roof mounted solar panel system, we packaged QuickMountPV into a 1kW kilowatt and 2kW kilowatt kit to help you the leverage the power of this revolutionary mounting system. 1kW QuickMountPV Kit 2kW QuickMount PV...

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