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Toshiba to enter residental solar power market

We’ve all seen Toshiba TVs, laptops, computer parts and other electronics at our local stores, a world wide brand in consumer electronics has recently announced that they will be providing solar power systems to residential folks. The company is incorporating their innovation into the products so these will not be your typical grid-tied systems but the company is releasing a compact, lightweight solar power system that features an inverter that is 33% more efficient at converting DC (direct current) electricity into AC (alternating current). Toshiba has partnered up with US based SunPower who will be providing the solar cells that will be implemented into Toshiba’s solar power product line. This is great news for residential consumers because thus far in the solar power industry many companies have been focusing on solar panels for big corporations thus leaving the residential consumers with limted options. So as we continue to move forward with solar power as a future source of the worlds energy we now see the most familiar brand names jumping into the solar power space. Who’s next to dive into solar? Panasonic? Sony? Dell? What do you...

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