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closing up rew 2009

Today ends Renewable Energy World 2009 Confrence & Expo in Las Vegas….it was a great event, I got to reconnect with many friends and business partners in the industry. I did notice this year the attendance was quite low compared to the last couple years so you can say that the economy has caused companies to scale back in the renewable energy industry too. I want to share some interesting pictures with you. Below is a typical setup of how a grid tie system is connected your electric meter. The picture highlights a Solectria residential solar grid tie inverter, on the left side of the inverter, thats the DC disconnect. On the right side, thats the AC disconnect right above the revenue grade utility meter. Doesn’t seem too complicated, wouldn’t you agree? I got some great close up pictures of the Skystream 3.7 wind power system. A user friendly feature of the Skystream 3.7 is that the grid tie inverter is built into the head of the wind turbine. The picture below shows the housing in which the grid tie inverter sits inside. A closeup shot of inside the head of the Skystream 3.7 that shows the guts of the grid tie inverter. The downside to having the inverter and communications interface built into the head of the inverter is that if you ever need to service the grid tie inverter you would have to access the top of your tower, which could be very inconvenient. What do you think? Regardless, the Southwest Windpower, the company that makes the Skystream 3.7 booth at the trade show will continuously busy, it seems like there is still extremely high demand for their products. The back of the housing seems to features a heat sink cover to help the built in grid tie inverter to stay cool, notice the short antenna? That’s there to monitor the output and overall performance and health of the system through a wireless connection. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this short review of our experience at the leading renewable energy expo of the year. If your interested in checking out more pictures of our experience please check out our...

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exceltech’s plug n play micro inverter?!

We’re in Las Vegas this week learning about new products at Renewable Energy World 2009….I’d have to say I’m quite disappointed since there are not many new products at the highly anticipated trade show, although I did run into a “game changing technology” in the works. ExcelTech, traditionally a manufacturer of off-grid inverters is working on a couple products to enter the grid tie inverter market. According to ExcelTech, they have been working on their own version of a grid tie micro-inverter that attaches right to the back of a solar panel, similar an Enphase micro inverter. The demo unit at Excel tech’s booth even had a standard household AC plug that can be connected directly to the gird via a household socket. Very interesting don’t you agree? Although ExcelTech said they have hundreds of these units in the field operating flawlessly, the company not released their micro inverter to the public because they want a solar panel manufacturer to integrate the inverter right into the solar panel so the micro-inverter itself can operate without connecting a DC disconnect to every unit, which is required by NEC code. Do you think ExcelTech can convince a solar panel manufacturer to build in their micro-inverter right into a solar panel? This is some game changing technology, would you not...

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heading to renewable energy world

Hi folks, we’re heading to Las Vegas today for the Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo, for the next couple days we’ll take you along with us, highlighting cutting edge products right from the trade show room floor. I attend many trade shows in this industry, but I really get a chance to learn a lot from attending Renewable Energy World since its a diversified experience meaning we’ll see companies from biofuels, ocean power to more common technologies such as solar power. I think a lot of people attending this show are going to be talking about the Obama’s administration unprecedented support for renewable energy in the economic stimulus plan passed last month, there going to be a lot of excitement, since the renewable energy industry is set to skyrocket as the economic stimulus money starts to trickle down to the companies in this industry. Anyways, we’ll be updating you today via the community. The tradeshow floor will have a grand opening reception today from 5 pm – 7 pm (pacific time), we’ll up sharing pictures with you of the event via our community. By the way, if you’re going to be in Vegas this week, please do connect with...

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