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What do you think about the cool-n-save?

It’s always more cost effective to “reduce consumption and then produce clean energy”. Considering your air conditioner (A/C) is one of the largest energy hogs, there is got to be a way to make your A/C run more efficiently. Cool-N-Save, is an interesting energy efficiency product that does just that, by piggybacking onto your A/C and spraying a light water mist it helps your A/C suck cooler air which makes it run up to 30% more efficiently. Large corporations with high A/C bills have been using pre-cooling A/C systems for years. The Cool-N-Save misting system is much like the misters you may have experienced in restaurant patios and amusement parks. The Cool-N-Save can be installed within 5 minutes without any tools. Cool-N-Save is only activated when you turn on your A/C, air from the condenser unit’s fan raises the flap allowing water to flow to the misters that surround the A/C thus allowing maximum efficiency. According to the company, the Cool-N-Save will only use 6 cents worth of water per day. What do you think about the...

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