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google’s powermeter will save you money.

For an “internet company” Google is very active in the energy sector since they are one the largest consumers of electricity in the world. The Google foundation has already bank rolled a couple solar power companies and now is working with utility companies to create PowerMeter software to interface with “Smart Meters”, an advanced meter that has the ability to connect to the Internet and sync up with your appliances. Over the next 3 years over 40 million Americas will have a Smart Meters installed which is part of Obama Administration’s proposed stimulus package. It’s about time we start upgrading our electric grid infrastructure here in the U.S., its over 100 years old! Smart Meters will greatly improve energy efficiency because it can give you real time information about your energy usage, which can be a major factor in people changing their wasteful habits. PowerMeter is currently being beta tested by employees and is going to be free software for customers and utilities. What do you think about Google’s...

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