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clean solar panels produce more power

Dirty solar panels before PowerBoost Every major solar panel manufacturer recommends solar electric system owners to wash their solar panels as needed to harvest maximum power. Soiling is a term used to describe particle build up on solar panels which includes dust, dirt, bird poop and other debris that solar panels encounter in the outdoors. Research conducted by the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) suggests that solar panel power output can decrease up to 10% from the accumulation of dirt. Efficiencies of solar panels can drop up to 20% in areas where bird poop, air pollution or dust from farming operations are common. Cleaning your solar panels is easy! Since solar electric systems are solid state technology, meaning there are no moving parts in the system, the only maintenance that’s required is cleaning the solar panels. You can simply use soap and water to clean your solar panels although many people prefer PowerBoost, a biodegradable solar panel cleaning solution that connects to any garden hose and provides added benefits that household soap does not offer. With PowerBoost you’ll be cleaning your solar panels less frequently through out the year since it adds a protective layer on the solar panels that prevents the future accumulation of debris. Rinse first, then soap Cleaning solar panels is like washing your car, you have to first rinse the solar panels using a garden hose with a pressure nozzle. The objective would be to loosen up the debris before you apply PowerBoost. After your rinse with water flip the switch on the PowerBoost and the special formulated PowerBoost cleaning solution will be sprayed onto the solar array. Let PowerBoost do it’s magic After PowerBoost solar panel cleaning solution has been applied to the solar panels, let the solution sit on the solar panels for a few minutes. For best results I would recommend putting some elbow grease into the job by using a brush with a long handle to scrub down the solar panels before rinsing off the PowerBoost cleaning solution. So fresh, so clean By the end of the process your solar panels should look this clean. There should be no particle build up left on the solar panels, maximum sunlight will now be able to penetrate into the solar cells thus providing you maximum energy harvest yields. Now we have our solar panels installed on a ground mounted system which makes it easier to clean our solar panels. Many times solar panels are installed on top of roofs which can make it a little more challenging to clean. What do you think about the maintenance related with a solar electric...

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OCS Energy automates solar panel cleaning

We recently talked about why its important for anyone who owns a solar photovoltaic system to keep the panels clean, we even recommended a product called PowerBoost Solar Panel Cleaner, which is great for solar panels on a home or small business. But how about the large commercial or industrial fields in which hundreds or thousands of solar panels are installed. Until today, large scale solar array owners were helpless, OCS Energy has created an interesting product called the SolarWash, which is the first commercial automated photovoltaic (PV) cleaning system. The first of its kind product increases energy output and shortens the return on investment of investments in large solar power systems according to the company. The SolarWash unit attaches directly to the solar panel and is controlled by a microprocessor giving the solar power system operator the ability to automatically clean the entire solar array with a push of a button! The complete solar panel cleaning system includes maintenance free water nozzles, web based software interface, and a programmable logic controller. This type of automation not only helps solar become a more attractive for large scale system deployments, but shows how much room for innovation there is in the industry. As more companies start developing add-on products to improve the efficiency will help push solar power mainstream. Now I wonder how long it will take until a company develops a similar system for residential and small commercial solar power installations. Isn’t this such a simple, innovative yet effective product? please...

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Got Dirty Solar Panels? Powerboost to the Rescue!

How much money are your dirty solar panels costing you? Yes, keeping your solar panels free of bird poop and other debris is extremely important because depending on how well you keep your solar panels clean has a direct impact on the overall return on investment of your solar electric system. Especially out here in Southern California, it has not rained in a while, imagine how dirty most solar panels are and the impact on the bottom line of solar power system owners. Sure, every now and then, mother nature can wash off your solar panels for you. Although many system owners want to keep their solar panels as clean as possible to harvest the most electricity. Until recently most solar electric system owners had no cleaning solution to turn to. Thanks to SolarFrameWorks for introducing the PowerBoost Solar Panel Cleaner, a revolutionary solar panel cleaner designed specifically for photovoltaic cells. Available for both residential and commercial applications, PowerBoost can be applied within minutes, the intense foaming solution contains high-quality surfactants that remove grime thereby increasing the level of solar insulation that is able to reach the solar cells. PowerBoost works on all types of glass, such as the tempered glass layered on the top of most crystalline solar panels. PowerBoost not only enhances the cleaning process but leaves behind a specially-formulated coating to reduce the number of cleanings required. Don’t worry, PowerBoost is environmentally friendly, because its completely biodegradable and only costs pennies per panel to clean and protect panels from debris that can reduce your solar power system’s performance by up to 20%!! Shown in the picture above, Powerboost residential cleans up to 5 kilowatts (kW) of panels and comes in a cost-effective applicator designed for use on solar electric systems. The applicator hooks up to any garden hose and is fast and easy to...

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