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simplifying solar panel installation

image credit: San Francisco Sentinel Solar Red, a start up solar power company based out of San Jose, CA is making some bold claims about reducing the cost of installing solar panels up to 25% through their interesting plug and play mounting bracket that interleaves into residential roofing shingles during construction or can be retrofitted into residential roofs. According to the company it would cost you $825 in additional costs to make a new roof solar ready through their solar mounting product line. Once the Solar Red mounting brackets are installed, compatible solar panels can be simply clicked into place, saving thousands of dollars in reduced installation costs claims the company. Traditionally adding solar panels onto your roof require bolting of racking and complicated wiring that can take up precious time which adds to the upfront cost of going solar. Solar Red’s intent with their mounting products is to shorten the learning curve so that roofers and construction workers can install solar panels with ease, which would help solar go mainstream wouldn’t you agree? Companies like Solar Red that are focusing on making the installation process easier can significantly add value to the solar power industry if they can develop a product that lives up to the aggressive claims Solar Red has made. What do you...

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Just plug it In – grid tied solar power appliance

Grid tied solar power systems allow you to reduce your electric bill by sending extra electrons produced sent back into the grid which you recieve credit for. Traditionally, an electrican would hook up a grid tied system to your utility’s service box so your system can interact with the grid. Today, through inverter innovation, it is now possible to plug in an inverter right into a AC outlet and push electrons back into the grid, which reduces your bill. The SWEA 250 grid tied inverter features an AC Output which can be pluged directly into a socket. Just connect two 130 watt solar panels to the inverter and plug it into the wall. The special inverter allows renters, people who live in apartments or condos to be able to plug right into the grid. The Plug N Play Solar Kit is truly small scale solar power appliance that can help reduce your electric bill. Multiple kits can be put together to create a larger system which have a larger net impact. We believe this solar power kit will significatally reduce the cost and installation barriers traditonally consumers face when considering a grid-tied system and help more people to get their feet wet with small scale grid tied solar...

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