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The Pickens Plan – wind power for america

T. Boone Pickens, a very successful American business man who made his fortunes in the oil & gas industries is working with GE Wind Power to invest and deploy large scale wind power farms. They call it the Pickens Plan, it’s specifically geared to attack the 700 billion dollars that is leaving the USA every year to foreign oil. Pickens claims by creating a network of wind turbines, we can break free from foreign oil and keep the energy security of America safe. The USA has an abundance of wind power resources, the US is the Saudi Arabia of wind power resources. According to wind power data, the Great Plains states are home to the greatest wind energy potential in the world! The plan calls for heavy investmet in wind power farms and cars that run on natural gas (which I think is a bad idea) Pickens Plans Pros: cleaner greener energy create more jobs and revive rural America a step in the right direction to get us off foreign oil. Pickens Plans Cons: the plan calls for natural gas as a fuel source for cars Wind power farms are a form of centralized energy (keeps the production out of the hands of the people) So what do you think? how can the plan be...

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