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solar roof tiles that look cool

There are a few solar roof tiles on the market, but I got to say, Lumeta Solar makes a very slick looking roof tile that flushes right into your roof. The concept of integrating solar cells into an existing building materials is called building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). Each of the Solar Tile eliminates 3 traditional tiles and have a peak power output of 28 watts.There are 12 monocrystalline silicon solar cells per solar roof tile, the electrical connections are contained in the bottom end of the tiles. The Lumeta Solar Tiles can be connected together via standard quick connectors. The key benefits of Lumeta Solar Tiles are they minimize roof penetrations and reduce balance of system costs because there is no mounting hardware to buy. People who want to generate clean electricity but do not want to give up the looks of their roof would find the Lumeta Solar Tiles interesting because it overcomes a problem some customers have with traditional solar panels, aesthetics. Lumeta makes flat concrete and clay tiles to fit the most common roofs. What do you think about Lumeta’s Solar Tile products? Do you prefer solar roofing tiles over traditional solar...

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48 watt SolarSave Photovoltaic Tiles

SolarSave Photovoltaic Tiles by OpenEnergy now come in a 48 watt version available in slate gray, brown and terra-cotta the tiles are designed to integrate into a home’s roof while maintaining the natural look of the roof. These easy to install solar roof tiles give homeowners the ability to harvest the sun’s rays to generate electricity without having to give up the aesthetic value of their existing roof. SolarSave Photovoltaic Tiles are a great example of building integrated photovoltaics, which is a term that means to integrate solar cells into building materials commonly found on buildings today. The 48W version of the SolarSave tiles are offered four feet wide and come with a 25 year warranty. SolarSave can handle a snow load of more than 200 pounds per square foot and wind speeds up to 80 miles per hour. Do you think more people will adapt solar photovoltaic technology to power homes because these tiles are more aesthetically appealing? How big of a role do you think aesthetics plays when consumers are considering adding solar power to their...

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windows that lower your energy bills

Rainbow Solar, Inc. introduced a semi-transparent “photovoltaic glass window” over the weekend that turns light and heat into electricity. The window of the future is in production and is ready for the US market. The company is working with building developers to integrate the photovoltaic windows into projects in Hollywood and Las Vegas. The transparent photovoltaic-glass window not only produces 80 to 250 watts of power output but can achieve a reduction of heating and cooling costs up to 50%. Windows that produce electricity and help keep temperatures comfortable inside a building will be a standard in building projects moving forward. The RSi PV-Glass Window has proven energy savings greater than 50% in a hot-house test with a skylight, according to a study conducted by the NTUST (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology). Photovoltaic glass window is an example of building integrated photovoltaics, which is a term that means integrating solar cells into traditional building materials such as windows, roofing shingles, sides of walls…etc. Do you think building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) will be the future of solar...

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what makes solar photovoltaics so unique?

What does coal and nuclear have in common? These types of electrical generation plants boil water to create steam, which turns a turbine and generates electricity. Hydroelectric and Wind Power is similar to coal and nuclear because it generates energy by turning a turbine to generate electricity. Although since hydroelectric and wind power are renewable and clean, they are a better source of electricity for the future to reduce carbon footprints and to generate electricity safely via domestic resources. What makes solar photovoltaic so different is there are no moving parts, with photovoltaics you don’t have to turn a turbine to generate electricity. The special materials that solar panels are composed of causes the “photovoltaic reaction” when light hits a solar cell, electronics are excited and the byproduct is electric voltage and current that is transported through wire to an electrical circuit. get it? No moving parts means, highly reliable equipment that will last for a very long time. Most solar panels come with warranties that covered for at least 25 to 30 years. There are solar photovoltaic panels still in operation since the 1970s. So why do you think so many people think solar power is...

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The importance of ground fault protection

Don’t want to get electrocuted by your solar power system? Make sure you have ground fault protection in check. Most grid tie inverters such as the Xantrex GT Series have built in ground fault protection. According to NEC (National Electric Code) for solar photovoltaics states all roof mount solar photovoltaic arrays must have ground fault protection. What ground fault protection does is grounds the inverter itself through a grounding rod which prevents you from being shocked when touching the inverter. The picture above is the Xantrex GT series PV Ground Fault Breakers that disconnects the solar photovoltaic array if a ground fault occurs in the wiring. Grounding your system also limits voltages due to line surges, lightning, or accidental contact with higher voltage lines. In addition grounding stabilizes voltages because the earth is a common reference point for the system. If there are over current devices on the system grounding provides a path for these devices to operate. Does this make sense? Without being too technical, its important that your system is grounded for obvious reasons, and since most grid tie inverters come with ground fault protection you have no excuse not to ground your solar photovoltaic...

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