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bob villa learns about photovoltaics

I found this video of Bob Villa learning about how solar power works and since many of you out there on there on the Internet are looking for a simple way to under stand how a solar electric system works, this is a simple to understand video of how you can offset your electric bills with solar power. The payback on solar electric systems are becoming more attractive to homeowners since rebates and tax credits are available combined with the falling prices of solar panels while electric rates on continue to inflate. I’m glad Bob Villa made this video since he’s built such a great personal brand in the construction industry, this is the type of coverage that is needed to bring solar panels to every roof across America, what do you...

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a free guide to solar pv design and installation

I thought sharing the guide to solar photovoltaic design and installation manual published by the California Energy Commission (CEC) would be helpful to you to understand the details behind solar electric systems. The guide does a good job starting from the basics and even includes example single line diagrams of how a solar electric system would interface with a home. Towards the end of the PDF file there is a nice table that helps you determine the optimal wire size needed to minimize voltage drop. I figured since many people call us that want to learn all the details about solar power, this would be a good starting point. What do you think about the free guide to photovoltaic design and installation by the...

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The Photensity Solution

What if you could divide the sun’s rays into three different energy streams? Commercial buildings, which are associated with large carbon footprints and high energy bills can take advantage of BrightPhase Energy’s Photensity which is a crossbred of energy efficiency and a solar panel. The unique looking solar panel not only generates electricity but can be used for heating water and the building itself. The most interesting feature of the solar panel is the daylighting technology, which provides natural lighting for the building that augments traditional interior lighting, thus reducing the building’s lighting load. Confused? Check out how the Phototensity works. According to the company, combining solar energy and energy efficiency in a single solar panel provides 2X – 3X better rate of return than solutions that just produce a single energy form. A building owner can reduce up to 50% of there energy bill through an all-in-one solution like the Photensity and depending on the installed conditions may bring down the break even point to less than 4 years! We’re seeing more of these “all-in-one” solutions being developed lately, do you think all-in-one systems will play a significant role in the...

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Spherical Photovoltaic Solar Cell

Solar cells on the market today are just plain flat, although on the other hand when sunlight hits the earth’s surface it’s diffused into the environment which is why traditional flat solar cells cannot take much advantage of indirect light. Kyosemi Corporation a Japanese solar cell developer is creating a “spherical” solar cell that will be more efficient collecting light at all angles due to its unique round shape. The sun travels across the sky in many different positions based on the season and the time of day therefore it’s critical that solar cells can absorb as much light as possible. Round cells give a solar panel the ability to catch reflected light and diffused light thus making the solar panels much more efficient. According to Kyosemi, the spherical solar cells also involve lower costs to produce then typical solar cells due to a simpler manufacturing process. The company claims the holy grail for the solar industry, a more efficient solar cell at a lower cost. The spherical solar can bring new possibilities to solar power as we know it, wouldn’t you agree? It’s about time that someone got creative with the shape of a solar cell, because flat is just plain boring and rudimentary, what do you...

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solar power lab at arizona state university

Arizona’s solar dream of becoming a leader of solar power is one step closer today. Arizona State University (ASU) opened a photovoltaic (pv) testing facility back in 1992. Although, today ASU announced a partnership with TUV Rheinland Group, a German testing company has upgraded ASU’s old testing center into a world class certification lab for solar electric products. Researchers at the lab are testing solar panels for their resistance to hail, rain, frost, falling objects, power output and efficiencies. The solar researchers are putting solar panels to the test in the lab not holding back by taking each product through the extremes to make sure the products used to provide your home or business clean energy are going to perform as expected. This is such a great resource for the solar industry and consumers alike, reliable information needs to be accessible for people to make confident decisions in solar electric products. I really want to visit the new TUV Rheinland PTL lab and get a first hand experience of vigorous tests that solar panels are put through. What types of test would you like solar electric systems to go...

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