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solar power lab at arizona state university

Arizona’s solar dream of becoming a leader of solar power is one step closer today. Arizona State University (ASU) opened a photovoltaic (pv) testing facility back in 1992. Although, today ASU announced a partnership with TUV Rheinland Group, a German testing company has upgraded ASU’s old testing center into a world class certification lab for solar electric products. Researchers at the lab are testing solar panels for their resistance to hail, rain, frost, falling objects, power output and efficiencies. The solar researchers are putting solar panels to the test in the lab not holding back by taking each product through the extremes to make sure the products used to provide your home or business clean energy are going to perform as expected. This is such a great resource for the solar industry and consumers alike, reliable information needs to be accessible for people to make confident decisions in solar electric products. I really want to visit the new TUV Rheinland PTL lab and get a first hand experience of vigorous tests that solar panels are put through. What types of test would you like solar electric systems to go...

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