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Rebates in Nevada for Wind Power Systems!

Wind Power just got more attractive in Nevada because utility companies are now extending the same rebates extended to customers who installed solar panels to people installing wind power systems. The Nevada Utilities will pay consumers .50 per watt up to ,000 for installing a wind turbine system. Wind Turbine systems such as the Southwest WindPower Skystream 3.7 can generate clean power for homes, small businesses, farms, schools and other public buildings. The rebates are going to cost Nevada utilities $23.3 million dollars and there is high demand for the rebates statewide therefore the rebates are expected to go quickly. These new rebates will be released on Monday and some people are predicting all the rebates will be reserved on the first day. Customers in urban areas or home owner associations may hit roadblocks because people may object with tall or noisy wind generators. Clark County’s building department has changed zoning laws to accommodate wind turbines in some residential zones. Other counties in Nevada are revising their building codes to be more wind power friendly. This is great news! We love seeing more states offering these types of rebates and making the permitting process for wind power turbines more flexible. We’re seeing local governments making changes for the better to encourage development of renewable energy power generation. You can learn more about the rebate program at the SolarGenerations website Most wind turbines need at least 10 mph average wind speeds to make financial sense, which is the first criteria when figuring out if wind power is right for you. To measure your wind speed you can purchase a wind speed meter or for a more general idea of the average wind speeds in your area you could refer to a wind resource map for free. What do you think about the rebate program in Nevada? Would you install a wind turbine in your backyard? Do you think your neighbors would mind seeing a wind turbine tower from their...

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