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national electric code requires product changes

Recently updates to the NEC (National Electric Code) have required solar panels and other solar power products to change up connectors to MC4, also known as locking connectors. MC4 connectors have been more common in Europe before they became required in the USA. The revisions to the NEC in 2008 require solar power product manufacturers to update their offering with lockable connectors for compliance purposes. Older MC3 connectors could potentially pose a safety hazard since they can accidentally become undone. The industry has moved towards the MC4 as a standard due to NEC’s influence it has over products that are offered in the solar power...

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National Electric Code and Solar Electric Systems.

What’s the National Electric Code (NEC) all about? You’ve probably heard this term if your considering to install solar panels yourself. The code refers to the United Standards for the safe installation of wiring and electrical equipment. The NEC is part of the fire code and is written by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) the comprehensive and authoritative safety standard includes best pratices for solar electric systems. If you are considering installing solar electric system yourself or want to learn more about the saftey standards of installing solar pv systems, you should use the 2005 NEC code as a starting point in your jorney. You can download the NEC 2oo5, through this...

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