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Common misconceptions about Solar Power

#1 – Solar Panels have a short life span. Since there are no moving parts, solar panels don’t wear down. Most panels are warrantied for at least 25 years. There are some solar panels that are still in operation that have been installed in the 1970s. Solar Panels are also resilient to hail and are quite strong, most panels have been tested for hail conditions. As long as the solar panels are cleaned at least once a year, the panels can last for a very long time. #2 – Solar Power is EXPENSIVE Sure, it could be expensive, although you have full control of the upfront cost a system depending on your usage and energy production goals. First, its always cheaper to reduce than produce, therefore figuring out how to reduce your usage is cost effective and will reduce the upfront cost of going solar. Solar Power systems are scalable therefore you don’t have to install all your capacity all at once which could be financially overwhelming. Like Legos, you can scale up as your budget increases in the future. For example, lets say you needed a 4kW (kilowatt) system to zero out your electric bill, but you can only afford 1kW (kilowatt) solar power system today. No problem, you can install a 1kW system today and reduce your electric bill, and scale up the system to zero out your bill as your finances change in the future. #3 – Solar Panels don’t work on cloudy days. As long as there is some light, solar panels will continue to produce some electricity. Yes that even means on a cloudy day. Let’s take Germany as an example, they have half the amount of average sun hours per day compared to the USA and Germany is leading the world in solar power production. Even though its cloudy in Germany most of the year, the solar panel systems still make financial sense. Obviously you will produce even more energy during sunny days, our average sun hours in the United States is above average compared to Germany. #4 – Solar Power is unreliable and inefficient. Solar panel technology are becoming slimmer and more efficient every year, they’re just getting better and better. Today’s technology works, many homes and business use solar panels to power to reduce or eliminate their electric bill. Walmart, one of the largest corporate users of electricity and a very successful global retailer is using solar panels on a couple of their retail super centers, If Walmart is confident in solar panels, the technology is reliable. #5 – Solar Power is not worth the trouble. As long as your working...

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