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Wind Power Anywhere, Anytime!

Our post yesterday discussed the importance of the tower height….obviously the higher you go the more wind speeds you can pick up. Magenn Power, an innovate company has a very interesting product which will be released in 2009 that will change the way we see traditional wind turbines. Mageen Power understood that the wind is higher up in the sky and traditional vertical axis turbine designs are just plain inefficient in most areas. The company decided put the wind turbine where the air is, in the sky. In fact the MAGENN AIR ROTOR SYSTEM (M.A.R.S.) can soar 1,000 feet in the air and will catch the jet streams that exist everywhere. Currently, in general wind turbines can only be placed in areas with at least 10 miles per hour wind speeds to produce a significant return on investment. With the Magenn Power wind power can be technically be put anywhere. The wind turbine rotates on a horizontal axis and can be combined with diesel generators for off-grid use in developing countries and deliver power at the 20 cents a kWh range. The video below shows an excellent model of how the unique wind turbine can be used off-grid or grid-connected wind power system The soaring wind turbine stays a float with the use of non-flammable helium and the company has been conducting some interesting Field test of their products. The wind turbines will come in 10 to 25 kW (kilowatt) models with a target price of $3 to $5 dollars a watt. According to the company the Wind turbine has a lifespan for over 20 years. If you are thinking to install one of these puppies in the USA, you will need a special permit from the FAA. Magenn power has combined the same technology used in blimps into an innovative wind turbine design. I can’t wait to see this product hit the mainstream market, according to the company their target markets are developing nations. It’s probably going to be a very hard time deploying these here in the USA because of the building permit and FAA regulations. Overseas the rules are less strict so I can see It not being an issue. Although in rural areas of the USA we may see some of these units in action pretty soon. So as wind power evolves, will these be the turbines of the future? What do you think, will these types of designs catch on with the public? What do you think are the potential...

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