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solar roof tiles that look cool

There are a few solar roof tiles on the market, but I got to say, Lumeta Solar makes a very slick looking roof tile that flushes right into your roof. The concept of integrating solar cells into an existing building materials is called building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). Each of the Solar Tile eliminates 3 traditional tiles and have a peak power output of 28 watts.There are 12 monocrystalline silicon solar cells per solar roof tile, the electrical connections are contained in the bottom end of the tiles. The Lumeta Solar Tiles can be connected together via standard quick connectors. The key benefits of Lumeta Solar Tiles are they minimize roof penetrations and reduce balance of system costs because there is no mounting hardware to buy. People who want to generate clean electricity but do not want to give up the looks of their roof would find the Lumeta Solar Tiles interesting because it overcomes a problem some customers have with traditional solar panels, aesthetics. Lumeta makes flat concrete and clay tiles to fit the most common roofs. What do you think about Lumeta’s Solar Tile products? Do you prefer solar roofing tiles over traditional solar...

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