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Villaraigosa makes a push towards solar for L.A.

Its about time! San Francisco has been beating us here in L.A. in terms of solar capacity installed, its a pity since we live in a sunnier climate. Today Mayor Villaraigosa gave the go ahead to execute the project called Solar LA, which is aimed to secure 1/10th of L.A.’s energy by solar by 2020. The city wants to roll out 1,280 megawatts of solar capacity! The Solar LA project will create new jobs and stimulate the economy, although there has been some controversy around the ballot measure that funds the plan because it could give the contracts for the deployments of the solar power systems to department of water and power versus private companies who could be locked out. LA residents will also see an increase in their electric rates as a funding vehicle to finance the project…do you think that is fair to the rate payers in L.A.? I think this is a good step towards solar, even though electric rates will go up because, when do electric rates ever go down? Historically they haven’t so at least this time the rates go up we know its going towards clean energy. L.A. should of been the king of solar power already but we’re still lagging behind other cities with less sun resources who are using the power of the sun more effectively than Los...

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The Gatsby Hollywood – L.A.’s first solar powered community

The Gatsby Hollywood an eco-friendly community development right in the heart of Hollywood is being developed by MasterCraft Homes is going to be L.A.’s first solar powered community. The developer decided to install grid tie solar power systems on all the single family homes in the community. L.A. is a great place to install solar power not only because of its high solar intensity through out the year, but California has great rebates for people and organizations that install grid tie solar power systems. Grid tied systems, unlike off grid systems, store extra energy generated back to the utility service and spins your electric meter backwards giving you the ability to completely offset your usage. The owners of the solar powered homes at The Gatsby will be able to monitor the performance of their solar panels via the Internet and will come with a service for 10 years that monitors the performance of the system remotely. The homes at The Gatsby will also include energy efficient appliances which are Energy Star certified meaning each home will be using technologies that do not waste electricity. These solar powered homes are Certified California Green Builder approved not only because they have a slick grid tie solar electric system but the homes feature dual pane windows, top of the line insulation, high efficiency light bulbs and the homes themselves are made out of recycled materials. As we see more home builders integrating solar panels and energy efficient technologies this will start a trend that will become a standard for all buildings in the near future. What do you...

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