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Reading by Sunlight in the Dark?

Catch up on some reading with the new Solar-Powered Lighted Cover for Kindle 4 or Kindle Touch. SolarFocus has recently developed this all-in-one unit to transform your Kindle into a lean, mean, energy-efficient reading machine.  The SolarKindleLighted Cover works as a classy protective cover, charger, and reading light in one device. The SolarKindleLighted Cover is sleek, stylish, and sturdy.  Your Kindle fits snugly into this case, as if it were part of the case itself.  Once you slip your Kindle into the SolarKindleLighted Cover, an LED light will blink red to let you know your Kindle is charging. Built into the SolarKindleLighted Cover is a high performance triple junction amorphous silicon solar panel, which is lightweight, flexible, and less than a millimeter in thickness.  This solar panel is also very efficient- one hour of charging with the SolarKindleLighted Cover in direct sunlight is almost three days worth of reading time on your Kindle. The SolarKindleLighted Cover is equipped with a 1500mA lithium reserve battery so you can charge your Kindle any time or place.  An hour spent charging your Kindle from this reserve battery provides you with ten days of use!Whether you charge the reserve battery through a USB port on your computer or leave it by your window to absorb sunlight, the SolarKindleLighted Cover’s LED indicator blinks green to let you know that the reserve battery is charging. You can also check how much battery this lithium battery is currently holding by pressing the power button: – If your battery level is below 40 percent, the LED indicator displays a red light.- When the LED indicator shows up orange, you know that the battery is at 40-80 percent. – A solid green light on the LED indicator lets you know that the battery is fully charged. The reserve battery that is used to charge your Kindle also powers the retractable LED lamp.  This is important because the LED lamp does not use power from the Kindle itself.  This LED lamp produces 800 lux at the center and illuminates the entire screen, making it possible for you to read clearly in the dark. now offers this remarkable solar-powered case for both the Kindle 4 and the Kindle Touch.The SolarKindle Lighted Cover could make for an awesome Mother’s Day gift!  ...

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