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Temperature matters when working with inverters.

Do all Inverters perform equally in different temperature conditions? Well no, all inverters do not perform equally depending on the temperatures. The acceptable ambient temperature for each inverter model is determined by UL (Underwriter Labs) during testing. Each Inverter has a range of temperatures in which it performs optimally. If the temperature is below the ambient rating of an inverter, it can perform erratically or prevent start up of the inverter itself. Extremely cold temperatures can freeze capacitors and affect semiconductor stability. Temperatures higher then the range rated by UL can cause heat stress on the inverter and cause premature failure. Operating Inverters outside the rated temperature ratings could void the warranty, most inverters capture the temperature data and if you install an inverter in an environment that experiences extremely cold or hot temperatures the manufacturer will know the reason for the failure and the damage will not covered under the warranty. So if you are unsure if the Inverter will work in your local area, read the specifications sheet before purchasing your inverter and make sure the Inverter will operate in your...

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