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The disadvantages of grid tie solar with battery backup

Many people, for some reason want to add a battery backup to their grid tie solar power systems in the USA even though in most areas we have a very reliable gird. The security of having a little power for critical loads during a black out comes with significant disadvantages which include: you will have to install more components compared to simple grid tie system Batteries will require maintenance and will add significantly to the final cost of the system. efficiency loss will occur due to charging batteries. up to 15% loss in performance. your not going to be able to power your entire home or business off a solar power grid tie backup system. I live in Los Angeles, we don’t have many power outages here, so its really not worth a battery backup unless I am worried about the next big earthquake in our area. For disaster purposes it maybe better to have a separate backup generator that is not connected to the solar power system but only used when the power goes out for a long period of time. What do you think? Are batteries worth the...

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Want more power out of your solar array?

Don’t cook your batteries, when your dealing with a off-grid or grid tie solar with battery back up solar electric systems, you need a charge controller to protect the battery from overcharging which causes battery damage. Standard charge controllers can be fairly inexpensive compared to MPPT charge controller, but for the people who want the most power output, the MPPT is worth the extra price. What is is MPPT all about? Well, it stands for maximum power point tracking and what it does is keeps your the solar panels’ voltage and current at a point in which it maximizes the output of the solar array. Follow me? MPPT charge controllers are relatively new technology that first started being used in the late 90s, although today MPPT based controllers have evolved and became more reliable and are generally used in larger systems. If your using solar panels to charge a couple batteries then the benefits of a MPPT charge controller will not outweigh the cost. Although if your using solar panels and batteries for your home or business, well it would make sense to look into a MPPT controller. The picture above shows a Outback MX-60 MPPT charge controller with a LCD screen that shows important charging status. Do you think its worth the extra cost to go with MPPT based...

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