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Simple Grid Tie Solar Power System Drawing

The Guide to Photovoltaic System Design and Installation by the California Energy Commission has an interesting drawing of how a solar electric system wires up to the grid. Grid interactive systems do not have a battery bank, therefore if there is a blackout your power will also go down. A grid tied / interactive system is easier to install and takes 40% less time then a system with batteries because a grid tie system have less wiring and components to deal with. The diagram above shows how a standard solar power system is connected to the grid. Most homes and businesses that have solar electric systems in the USA are typically grid tie systems. The grid tie solar system diagram shows a great view of the difference between the DC and AC side of the system. As you can see the inverter is the hub of the system and an important part of the overall efficiency of the system. The PV Array is a group of solar panels wired together. The size of the array depends on your individual clean energy generation goals and electric needs. If you don’t know how to calculate the size of your system, see Calculating the Economics of Solar PV...

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