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Can’t mount solar on your roof? try ground mount.

Solar Photovoltaic Panels that turn sunlight into electricity take up a significant amount of roof space. For every 1 kilowatt of solar you need 100 square feet of southern roof space for solar power to be most cost effective. In the northern hemisphere southern exposure gives you the best return on investment on a solar power system. Many consumers just don’t have the roof space to install solar panels or don’t want to risk the integrity of a new roof by retrofitting solar power. The great aspect of solar panels is that they don’t have to be installed on the roof, they can be mounted on the ground. Typically ground mounted systems are eaiser to clean since they are more accessable, although on the flip side if there is public access on your property, a ground mount system can be exposed to vandalism. The plants, if any around a ground mount must stay trimmed to make sure they don’t end up shading the edges of the ground mounted solar panels. In Germany, where solar panels are very popular and mainstream, ground mounted systems are very common, you can see them everywhere. Obviously a roof top or ground mount systems both have their advantages and disadvantages, you just have to weigh the risks to see which system would fit your individual...

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