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SolarWorld makes an offer to buy Opel

SolarWorld, is a leading German solar panel manufacturer made an unsolicited bid to by Opel from General Motors (GM) today, although GM refused the offer and said Opel is not up for sale. GM owns Opel, which is a German automobile brand. According to SolarWorld, they want to take the Opel brand and turn the product line exclusively into full electric and hybrid vehicles. There is room for a great partnership between solar pv panels and electric based cars. Imagine a world in which every home and business has solar panels on top of their roofs and people can charge their cars right from the power of the sun. I think GM should sell the division to SolarWorld, because at this point they are very low on options, plus I think this is the reason GM is in the problem they are in because they are so spread thin from their core business. The management can’t even make the GM brand profitable, I don’t understand why they would want to hold on to brands that they just can’t afford to hold onto right now. As the electric car and hybrids vehicle industry continue to move forward, we are seeing a close relationship developing with the photovoltaic industry. Should GM sell Opel to SolarWorld? What types of opportunities will this create for the...

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