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America’s Energy Independence Day

Today, all across America people are celebrating the birth and independence of a country that was built on a great foundation. The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4th, 1776, letting the Kingdom of Great Britain know that we are on our OWN moving forward. As people of America get ready for their picnics, fireworks and fun, do we realize today we are far from being independent? We’re moving into a globalized world with a power play for energy resources… because of the advances in technology and communications the world is more interconnected now than ever. Energy is something we need every second of our lives and we’re importing most of it from foreign entities, who have a choke hold on the American public, so when the rubber meets the road, are we truly and independent nation? I think not! Our lack of Federal support for renewable energy resources such as solar panels, wind turbines and hydrogen fuel cells and other methods we can produce our own clean energy is hindering our independence. The government not supporting renewable energy resources just proves how far our government has drifted away from the foundations of this country, freedom and Independence. So as you celebrate your Fourth of July, please think about how we can remain independent moving forward. Renewable energy is the key to our future prosperity and Independence as a nation, so please encourage your friends and family to looking into green energy not only to benefit mother earth but to keep our Independence moving forward. Happy 4th! Enjoy...

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