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sacramento approves feed in tariff

Sacramento Municipal Utility recently approved a feed in tariff that pays people who install solar panels from 5 to 20 cents per kWh (kilowatt-hour) up to 20 years. Feed in tariffs are cash payments from the utility company for the power you contribute to the electric grid. Solar electric systems up to 5 megawatts can qualify to get paid from the Sacramento Municipal Utility. The feed in tariff is also available for home owners as long as they have not received the rebate administered by California for installing solar panels. A feed in tariff is the same financial policy that accelerated Germany into the #1 user of solar power in the world. Feed in tariffs are gaining popularity in the USA, since the first feed in tariff policy passed in Gainesville, FL. In regions where feed in tariffs are active many small solar farms on homes and businesses are setup to create extra income for the property owner. What do you think about feed in tariffs? Should the U.S. have a standardized feed in...

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it’s unanimous! first feed in tariff in america is here

Gainesville voted unanimously to pass the first feed in tariff in America this week. A feed in tariff of 32 cents per kwh (kilowatt-hour) over a 20 year period will be given to homes and businesses who install solar power systems. policies like these will truly sitmulate the economy because it will create customer demand and provide new jobs in the area. what do you think? feed-in tariffs are a great incentive system because it evens out the playing field, the energy you contribute from your solar panels should be bought at a premium from the utility company. Don’t you agree? Germany, the world leader in solar power invigorated investment in solar panels by offering feed-in tariffs. Do you think this will happen in the U.S.? Will gainesville’s leadership in feed-in tariffs be contagious to other...

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first Solar Feed-In Tariff in America?

image credit: SMA Solar Technology AG Gainesville, Florida is on the map because they’re doing something very revolutionary in terms of motivating it’s citizens to install solar panels. If the city can pull off their plans, it would be the first city in America that would offer a feed-in tariff for grid connected solar electric systems. The city approved a feed-in tariff of 32 cents per kWh (kilowatt hour) that would have to paid by Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU). A feed-in tariff is different from a rebate because it allows solar electric system owners to earn a profit for the clean electricity generated versus just offset their electric bill. According to terms, GRU would sign a 20-year contract with home and businesses owners to buy the clean electricity generated. Feed-in tariffs is the primary reason solar power reached wide market acceptance in Germany, Japan and Spain. At a rate of 32 cents per kilowatt hour, the feed-i n tariff could provide a system owner a 3 – 5% rate of return, do you think that is enough? GRU currently gives a rebate to also to help bring down the upfront cost of going solar. The downside is that the ratepayers of GRU will see an increase in their electric bill of 42 cents per bill to fund the solar incentive program. Do you think that its fair to GRU’s ratepayers who have no intentions of going solar to face the rate increase? If this plan passes obviously the solar power market in Gainesville is going to see rapid deployment of solar electric systems. I think this is great and every utility across America should allow anyone that contributes to the electric grid to earn a profit, don’t you agree? The program is supposed to launch in March 2009, do you think the city will be able to execute on the plan and successfully offer the first feed-in tariff in...

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