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supersized thin film solar panels

ENN solar, a Chinese thin film solar panel manufacturer has released their supersized solar panel EST series which has a STC (standard test condition) output up to 458 watts! That’s the largest power output from a single solar panel that I’ve ever seen. I wonder what the efficiency of the EST series are? According to the company large solar panels reduce installation costs, would you agree? Since the ENN solar panels are thin film they perform well in low, diffused light and high temperatures compared to standard crystalline solar panels. Thin film solar panels are also flexible so they can be applied in places traditional crystalline solar panels cannot be mounted onto. To understand the size of the EST series, they are 5.7 square meters which is more than four times larger than traditional solar panels. The company says that the larger solar panel footprint and high efficiencies will able them to deliver a lower cost per watt. What do you...

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