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taking window blinds to the next level

Traditional window blinds are critical in terms of energy efficiency, they keep the heat out of your building by serving as a barrier to the sun’s rays. Blight, an innovative company recently displayed their new illuminating solar blinds concept, which combines flexible solar cells into venetian blinds to collect energy during the day and provide light during night. Typically blinds have a wide surface area and soak in the sun all day, why not turn the sunlight that hits windows binds into something useful? that’s exactly the problem the company plans to solve with Blight. They’re adding a little bit of technology to an old concept of window blinds to make them more useful in our everyday lives. How does it do it? Well the solar cells harvest sunlight and turn it into electricity which is stored in a small battery. At night charge is given off the battery into a electroluminescent foil that illuminates the room. Electroluminescent foil is a fabric that provides ultra low energy light sort of a a soft diffused glow when it is combined with a electrical current. I’m not sure how bright the light would be from electroluminescent foil since it only provides a glow. Would it be a practical to light up a room or is it more for show? What do you think about the...

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philips light blossom concept

I think this cool concept by Philips, called the light blossom is a sneak peak into the future of outdoor lighting. This lamp not only looks like a giant flower but acts like one too, the ‘solar petals’ of its ‘bud’ open slowly and start to produce power from the sun and wind. As the sun shines Light Blossom’s solar petals they continuously track the sun as it moves across the sky. When the wind blows the Light Blossom moves its petals to an upward half-open position, which allows them to catch the wind and generated clean power. The intelligent street light can be used off grid or even connected to the grid which feeds electricity back into the community. They call it an intelligent lamp because at night the energy efficient LED bulbs only shine full power when the Light Blossom senses motion of someone walking by. When no one is around, Light Blossom glows at the minimum level required for safety in its ‘stand-by’ mode. now that’s a smart lamp! what do you think about Philips concept of the future of...

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dirty ac filter = wasted energy

I was at the East Los Angeles Skills Center’s solar panel installation class this week and the substitute teacher, Attila a 30 year veteran in the heating and cooling industry started a conversation about energy efficiency. The class agreed that air conditioners (AC) are typically the largest load on an electric bill and make up most of the annual kWh (kilowatt-hour) usage for a building. Air conditioners require maintenance and if your not cleaning your AC’s air filter every month then you’re not only exposing yourself to poor air quality but you’re wasting a lot of energy too. When your AC’s air filter is dirty it results in the AC working harder which is the reason why many units run inefficiently and end up costing you lots of money. Attila, brought up a very good point based off his tenure in the heating and cooling business, that majority AC air filters are never cleaned thus resulting in higher electric bills a larger environmental impact. When is the last time you cleaned or replaced your AC air filter? Do you think keeping the filter clean will help you save money on your electric...

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