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Prepaid electric bill for life.

When you install a grid tied solar panel system or wind turbine your prepaying your electric bill, it is that simple although many consumers when shopping for a clean energy systems are shocked by the cost up front cost. This the the fist time in history people now have the chance to buy technology to produce their own electricity! People can finally become producers and not just consumers at the mercy of big energy. Since we have been used to paying electric bills on a monthly basis, most customers don’t realize how expensive electricity is over a long period of time when they see the cost of buying solar power to energize their home. I noticed when consumers buy a clean energy system, all of a sudden they start thinking about energy efficiency although when just paying month to month for electricity from the utility company customers are more wasteful. It seems like when customers become their own producers, they start to appreciate the long term value of electricity. Why do you think people who buy their own clean energy system become more cautious of their electric usage after they install a...

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Will you able to elimate your entire electric bill?

When consumers are considering solar or wind power for their home or small business they typically come in with high expectations of what a system can do for them although when we start to conduct fact finding and uncover how much energy is used, typically the customer is calling because they are an energy hog and think renewable energy will help them magically eliminate their bill. Speaking in realistic terms, most often people will not be able to eliminate their entire electric bill because of the lack of southern facing roof or ground space or their budget is just not large enough to afford the high upfront cost of renewable energy power generation. The avg household in America needs a 5 kilowatt system depending on their location and the peak sun hours they receive, at a price of /watt installed the cost before incentives could rack up to ,000 for a complete installed system. On the other hand and energy efficient home can do well with a 2.5 kilowatt system costing around ,500 before incentives and tax credits. It is cheaper to reduce 1 kWh (kilowatt hour) worth of electricity then it is to produce 1 kWh. So if you are energy efficient off the bat, not only will a solar power system be affordable for you but it will help you achieve the energy dream every solar power shop has in their mind, to eliminate their entire bill. In most cases people who install solar power have systems that reduce their overall usage but do not eliminate their entire bill. When you do the math of an average solar power system produces electricity over a 30 year period at 15 cents per kWh. Taking that into consideration, its most cost effective to just eliminate your most expensive electricity typically the time of use rate or any usage over baseline, which is where the cost of solar power is very competitive.That is the beauty of a grid tied system, is the ability to use the cheap electricity provided by the utility company and offsetting the higher rate charged by the utility company with your solar power...

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Southern California Edison – 25% electric rate hike!

This week, Southern California Edison (SCE) made a huge announcement, according to an article in easy reader news, Scott Gobel, regional manager for Southern California Edison said average customers in SCE territory will see an electric rate hike of 25%! Scott says,”that is a huge increase, In 25 years I’ve worked with this company, we have never raise the rate 25 percent.” Natural Gas is a major element of electricity generation here in the USA and is the reason for the astronomical rate hike customers will start to see on their bills shorty. You thought the pain at the pump was bad enough, well energy inflation is soon going to hit your electric bill. People who have installed solar panels or wind power generators have already locked in their electric rates since they are producing their own clean energy. Renewable Energy power generation is a great tool to hedge against raising energy costs. If you are considering to purchase a solar electric system or a wind turbine and are a SCE customer, well now is the time to start looking into it because your investment is going to pay itself back 25 times faster then...

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Two most important factors that determine your clean energy system payback

Every consumers that call in to inquire about a solar panel or wind power system ask, “when will the system break even?” Obviously this is a very important question in the decision making process for a clean energy system, but often the consumers are not prepared to calculate their return on investment because most consumers don’t understand their costs. Your electric bill is the first place to start, most people just pay their electric bill every month without really understanding their rate or how they are being charged, since customers previously did not have a choice in producing their own energy, most people just pay the dollar amount on the bill without thinking about it. When you decide to install a grid tied solar panel or wind power system a more in-depth analysis needs to be conducted to figure out the break even point of a proposed system. The two most important factors to determine the return on investment are the following: how many kilowatt hours (kWh) are you using per month? what is your daily usage? what is your electric company charging you per kilowatt hour (kWh)? Every customer is different in terms of how much they use and the electric rate they are paying the utility company. So the moral of this story, before you even dream about what type of solar panels your going to buy or think how awesome it would be to have a wind turbine on your farm, get real and start by understanding your electric bill before you make the call to inquire about a clean energy...

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The first thing you should do before you think about going solar

Thinking about going solar? Start off by looking and trying to understand your electric bill. Yes, we know no one understands how to read a bill, we don’t blame you its so complicated! Most people just pay the bill at the end of the month without really looking at the bill. When going solar its important to do an analysis of your usage. You should look for the following when looking at your bill: What are you paying per kWh (kilowatt hour)? Is there a time of use charge? Are you paying a higher rate during peak hour times? Winter usage compared to summer usage…..does your electric bill spike up in the summer? What service period does the bill cover? How many total kWh are you using during your service period? What rate tier are you in? To conduct a proper analysis its best to have the last 12 months of your bills hand to come up with the most accurate number of your usage. Starting with your bills is a good place to start in figuring how much solar you need to reduce or eliminate your bill. Sometimes it much more cost effective to just use solar to reduce your peak hour usage to drop you into a lower paying tier….so use your bill as a roadmap for your solar power...

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