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earth4energy is misleading

If you have been shopping for solar panels or wind turbines, most likely you have ran into earth4 energy, a manual and videos which you can buy for $48 that claims you can make $200 solar or wind power system that has the potential to eliminate 80% to 100% of your electric bill! Earth4Energy also says that the system would be equivalent to a professional system that would typically cost thousands of dollars. I don’t think so! Professional grade solar and wind power systems are UL listed, which means they are authorized to connect to the grid per the interconnection agreement you must attain from your utility before you can hook your solar panels or wind turbines to the grid. Eliminating 80 – 100% of your electric bill with wind or solar panels would require a large system and more than likely you would be a novice in making a solar panel or wind generator, would you really trust the saftey of your product? There would be a high risk you could start a fire and burn down your home. Although in my opinion the earth4energy website makes some outrageous claims, it may add value if you are trying to develop a small scale solar panel or wind turbine to charge a few batteries, which would be enough to charge a laptop or a small appliance. But if your expecting to eliminate 80% to 100% of your electric bill, earth4energy will not help you do that. Have you heard about earth4energy? What do you think about it? Do you agree with my...

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