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dupont deploys ground mounted array

Dupont, the company well known for making paint, recently installed a one acre ground mounted solar array consisting of 1,500 evergreen solar panels. The solar electric system is located at Dupont’s research and development facility in Kauai, HI and has the capability to generate 706,205 kilowatt-hours (kwh) per year, which means Dupont will save about 0,000 per year. Dupont is no stranger in the solar photovoltaic industry, the company has been supplying materials and technology for photovoltaic development over the last 25 years. Hawaii, is a good location to install solar electric systems because electricity out on the island is very expensive. In fact, HI has the highest electric rates in the nation which makes solar electric systems an investment with a higher return. The economics have to make sense for most people to go solar, so if you have a high electric rate, it may make sense for you to look into a system for your home or business. Very few customers buy solar panels based solely on the environmental...

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