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analog vs digital electric meters

Most people typically don’t pay attention to their electric meters, but if your considering to install a grid tie solar electric system, it’s a good idea to determine what type of electric meter you have. Analog meters also known as electromechanical are the most common, the simple meter spins forward when your using electricity. If the analog meter is bidirectional it will spin backwards when your solar electric system is pushing extra electricity back into the grid. The number of times the disc spins forward or backwards determines how much electricity you are using or contributing to the electric grid. The utility company must dispatch a meter reader every month to figure out how much energy your building is using. Digital meters or solid state meters have no moving parts and work similar to analog meters but they display the data on a digital screen versus the dials on an analog meter. The utility will be able to read the data from the meter every 15 minutes without the need of sending a meter reader to your property since its connected to the utilities network. Digital meters allow your utility company to monitor your usage remotely and are typically bidirectional. What type of electric meters do you have on your home or...

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