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PVPowered gird tie inverter enhancements

We visited the PVPowered booth last week at Renewable Energy World 2009 (rew 2009) in Las Vegas, according to the company’s representatives the PVPowered residential grid tie inverters have made some improvements to simplify the installation. PVPowered has included a single knob AC/DC disconnect with a wire raceway. Integrated disconnects is a trend we’re seeing with grid tie inverters, seems like now this is becoming a standard feature on new models from various manufacturers. The picture of the PVP3000 was taken at PVPowered’s booth at rew 2009, PVPowered offers 9 different residential string grid tie inverters in their product family including models ranging from 1.1 kW to 5.2 kW. The company says the benefits of the integrated disconnects eliminates the need for unnecessary conduit which saves money on installation materials and shortens the time to install their grid tie inverter. Check out the specifications sheet below, what do you think about PVPowered residental string grid tie inverters? What do you think their unique features are over SMA, Fronius or...

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Intergrated Inverter DC/AC Disconnects

Disconnects for safety reasons rapidly disconnect from a power source. Disconnects are on / off switches and are required by National Electrical Code (NEC). With a solar power system for your system to pass inspection and meet all UL and NEC requirements your system must have a DC/AC Disconnects. Over the last few years inverter manufactures have been integrating dc, ac or DC & AC disconnects right into the inverter or as an external unit. Many inspectors are familiar with integrated DC / AC disconnects which is a good sign of the wide acceptance. The picture above shows a SMA Sunny Boy Inverter with an integrated disconnect, a knob style switch quickly shuts off the power in case of an...

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