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Day4Energy starts production of 25% cheaper solar panels

Day4 Energy, a company based in Canada has improved their manufacturing technique which will introduce a new line of solar panels that will cost 25% less and have a greater output then previous models of solar panels. The company redesigned the solar cell structure and improved the electrodes, which increases the solar panel output to 17-18%, a significant improvement from their current output of 14.7 solar panel efficiency rating. Basically Day4 Energy was able to make the top layer of the solar panel thinner thus improving the amount of sun that can be converted into electricity and rearranged the solder points of the solar cells to areas which provide maximum sun exposure to each individual solar cell. This is a great sign for the industry as the manufacturers continue to innovate in their space and bring the costs down, which has a trickle effect down the entire supply chain in which the savings are passed down to you, the solar power shopper. We are looking forward to see the PTC ratings (an independent test, in outdoor real world conditions of the solar panels stated efficiency) These new solar panels are in production and will be on the market in 2009. What do you think about this type of manufacturer...

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