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Why isn’t solar power used more often?

If solar power is so great why isn’t it on every roof already? Did you know in 1980 President Regan removed perfectly working solar panels from the White House’s roof! There are many reasons why solar power hasn’t gone mainstream, besides the minimal support by the government. Purchasing solar power is a complex investment decision (it’s not easy to go solar!) Solar Power is associated with a large upfront cost There is no nationwide standard for solar power rebates Lack of Feed-in tariffs (a requirement for utilities to buy power generated through your solar power system at a premium) People are used to buying power as a service (month-to-month), consumers aren’t used to “pre-paying” for energy. Lack of information for consumers to make educated decisions Are the people who purchased solar power already eco-freaks? No way, the number one reason consumers who have bought solar power systems already is because it makes great financial sense. If you look at a solar power system in terms of an investment, the rate of return is much higher compared to a Bond, Bank C.D. or even the S&P 500 The best way to start in figuring out if solar power is right for you is to start looking at your utility bills. Figure out how much energy you are using per month…its shocking people have no idea what they are paying for, because most consumers I talk to often pay their bill without even looking at it….when buying solar power most consumers finally understands what the heck their electrical bill really...

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